Multi-use listings

A Multi-Use List (MUL) is a list intended for use in more than one procurement, of pre-qualified potential suppliers who have satisfied the conditions for participation for inclusion on the list.

The process of establishing an MUL is not a procurement. It is a procurement activity which pre-qualifies suppliers who may wish to participate in future procurement processes. Inclusion on an MUL does not guarantee a potential supplier that they will be included in any future tender processes. It only provides certainty that potential suppliers have been recognised as meeting the conditions for participation

Current Multi-Use Lists:

There is currently no available Multi-Use List.


The Australia Council issues requests for tender and other business opportunities here on the website.

As we are a Commonwealth agency, regulated by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, all tenders and business opportunities are governed by the Australia Council’s Procurement Policy and Guidelines.

IT Financial System Replacement

We are currently seeking quotes for the replacement of our Financial System. Parts A, B, C are included in this document. Please see the accompanying Parts D and E and Workbooks 1, 2,3 and 4 below to be completed for this tender. Reference: RFT 2017/18 002. Closing time: 2pm local Sydney, NSW time, Tuesday 7 November 2017

Part D IT Source Contract DRAFT. RFT 2017/18 002

Part E RFT Applicant Information. RFT 2017/18 002

Workbook 1 Response to Part B Detailed System Requirements VENDOR NAME. RFT 2017/18 002

Workbook 2 Response to Part C IT Service Management Requirements VENDOR NAME. RFT 2017/18 002

Workbook 3 Pricing VENDOR NAME. RFT 2017/18 002

Workbook 4 Service Levels and Guarantee for Part C VENDOR NAME. RFT 2017/18 002

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