Strategies and policies

The Australia Council for the Arts has a number of strategies and policies to guide its work.

It also produces plans, policies and policy submissions that are of interest to the wider arts sector.

Our strategic plan is reviewed annually and is based on the advice and planning processes of our artform boards and committees - and the arts sector overall.

Artform sector plans

These plans focus on the current state and important issues in each artform, describe their ecosystems, and present key goals and activities of the Australia Council artform boards in relation to their sectors.

Cultural engagement framework

The Australia Council's cultural engagement framework encompasses eight strategies that reflect our commitment to creating opportunities for all Australians to participate in our cultural life:

Other strategies and policies

Australia Council submissions

Fraud Control polices

The Australia Council views fraud as a serious offence. It’s commitment and strategies for managing fraud are contained the Fraud Control Policy. Copies of this policy are available to relevant peers, clients, suppliers and external parties upon request.

Risk Management

The Australia Council is committed to establishing and maintaining an appropriate system of risk oversight management and internal control. The Australia Council has implemented a Risk Management Framework Policy which reflects its commitments to adopting a strategic, consistent and structured enterprise approach to risk management, in order to achieve an appropriate balance between realising opportunities for gains and minimising losses.

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