Information Publication Scheme

IPS - Operational Information

Details about our roles and functions can be found on our website.

Access to the following operational documents and matters are available for viewing and download :

1. About us
2. Our structure: Divisions and Artform boards
3. Agency IPS Plan
4. FOI
5. Governance Manual

This Manual Includes, amongst other things, details of statutory appointments of council and board members, appointment of staff to the Australia Council, our Code of Conduct and policies governing appointments, and details about our obligations and responsibilities under the Australia Council Act. 

6. Strategic Priorities
7. Strategic directions
8. Annual Reports
10. Logos
11. Funding and Grants Information for applicants
12. News
13. Research hub
14. Philanthropy
15. Resources
16. Peer Registration form
17. Peers Manual
18. Submissions to Government
19. Consultation Arrangements
The Australia Council seeks input from time to time on various polices and matters within the parameters of its functions and activities as defined in the Australia Council Act 1975. These requests for input will be published on our website and the public and other interested parties invited to comment.
20. Contact us

In addition, on occasions we release further information to the public that does not fall specifically within the provisions of subsection 8(2) of the FOI Act. Such information can be found either through News or the Resources section or through a search of the Australia Council website.  You are encouraged to regularly view our website for further up-to-date information. 

If you have a query about a particular document, in the first instance, please refer to the contact details outlined at the bottom of each page. If you believe that an operational document exists which is not listed through this page, please contact the FOI Coordinator to obtain further details.

Role and Statement of Purpose

1. Charter of Operations
2. Corporate Plan 2006/2010
3. Annual Reports
4. Strategic Priorities
5. Strategic Directions
6. Governance Manual
7. Arts Funding Guide

Policy and Legislation

1. Our Annual Report provides an in-depth guide to our achievements and investments for 2009/10.
2. Grants List  
3. Our Funding Guide provides details of the grants and funding available to applicants.
4. Australia Council Act
5. CAC Act and Regulations
6. Governance Manual
7. Strategic Priorities


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