The Theatre Panel's role is to ensure that theatre continues to be a vibrant contemporary artform that connects creatively with Australia's various communities.

The Theatre Panel does this by supporting activity that contributes to the development of high quality and diverse contemporary theatre.

By diverse contemporary theatre, we mean work that is intensely attuned to our particular time and place to the extent that this affects both the work itself and the way that the work is made. 

Diversity is found in the different cultural backgrounds of the artists, audiences and communities involved, in the multiplicity of regional voices, and in the wide range of artform practices that constitute ‘theatre’ in Australia.

Contemporary means investigating, testing and taking artistic risks in the interests of creating work that is authentic to the present. It means relying on established ideas and forms only to the extent that they are pertinent to this task. Contemporary also implies a wider awareness of current and past developments in theatre in particular, and in culture and society more generally.

Most forms of live performance are supported by the Theatre Panel, including outdoor performance, text-based theatre, devised work, physical theatre, site-based work, puppetry, visual theatre, performance art, theatre for young people, circus, contemporary performance, youth theatre and cabaret.

The Theatre Panel accepts the increasingly multidisciplinary nature of artistic work and funds many forms of cross-artform practice.

2008 saw the implementation of the changes that have come out of the two-year consultation process known as Make It New? The aim of the consultations has been to strengthen theatre as a vibrant contemporary artform by:

  • encouraging a diverse yet networked theatre culture within Australia
  • sustaining a number of key organisations to be hubs in this network
  • empowering an enabling infrastructure for artistic development.

For more information about Make It New? click here

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