National Touring Framework

The National Touring Framework

Performing arts touring in Australia is highly interdependent. This Framework recognises the inherent complexities of the touring systems and aims to guide the future development of touring in Australia. The National Touring Framework Report is not a prescriptive plan, but a framework of principles and broad strategic goals.


The objective of this project is to outline a framework for national touring that:
  • considers the connections, overlaps, gaps and opportunities in order to tour more artists
    and arts organisations
  • provides practical examples or models to assist artists and arts organisations in their
    decision making about touring
  • references the value of touring to the sector.

Key findings

The national touring landscape involves many stakeholders, often with competing demands. It is very complex and is, to some degree, in a state of flux. However, overwhelmingly performing arts touring is a vibrant sector with a willingness to engage with one another. In addition, there is considerable commitment to improving the sector and several organisations are already undertaking initiatives in this regard. Australia’s unique geography and population distribution mean there are few international touring systems that we can look to as examples. Stakeholder consultations revealed a broad range of issues that inhibit touring. The issues are outlined in detail in the report.

The National Touring Framework Report can be found here.

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