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The Cultural Engagement Framework celebrates our diversity and creates opportunities for all Australians to participate in our cultural life. It includes:


Young People and the Arts

The Australia Council values the important contribution that young people make to the vitality of Australian cultural life. We recognise the fundamental importance of work created by, for and with young people including within educational settings.

We recognise that young people’s opportunities to participate in and enjoy the arts may also be affected by issues relating to disability, cultural diversity, Aboriginality and living in regional or remote communities.


We aim to

  • develop pathways for young artists into the arts profession
  • promote, recognise and publish Australian best-practice examples of art by, for and with young people and the arts, including partnerships between artists and teachers
  • develop research programs for young people and the arts, and education and the arts


We provide

  • support for work that is produced for young people
  • support for work that is produced by young people
  • support for work that is produced with young people
  • support for initiatives to develop young artists’ capacity to professionalise their practice
  • evidence of the benefits of investing in young people’s artistic development and experience.


We manage

  • Opportunities for Young and Emerging Artists program, which provides $6.6m over four years (2008-2011) to build skills and experience for young and emerging artists. It is a comprehensive, national initiative to help seed the future of Australian arts.
  • ArtStart, which provides financial assistance to recent creative arts graduates who are committed to establishing a career as a professional artist.
  • Creative Education Partnerships: Artist in Residence Initiative, managed in partnership with state and territory arts agencies and education departments, provides opportunities for artists and teachers to work together and deliver the benefits of creative practice in schools.

A young person is considered to be under the age of thirty (30). Please note that for certain categories of funding, artform boards and committees may determine a different upper age limit.


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