Art-making in the community context

Incite Arts 

Incite Arts is a community-led arts organisation working with young people, people with disability, and Aboriginal communities in Alice Springs and the Central Desert region. In a suite of projects, Incite Arts’ 2013-2014 artistic program focused on new levels of skills transfer, mentoring, new work, performance, and seeding new grass roots partnerships and initiatives:

SPRUNG Youth Dance delivered over fifty workshops and produced new works in hip-hop, contemporary dance and physical theatre.

Red Sand Culture (RSC) was a twenty -week music and dance mentoring project delivered in four Warlpiri communities. Mentoring was prioritised, focusing on music lyrics, production skills, and song creation. 

Southern Ngalia women’s cultural dance, was an intergenerational collaboration with senior Warlpiri women. Through a serious of dance camps, Warlpiri culture was strengthened through stronger links with traditional song and dance, new generations fluent in ceremonial and cultural knowledge, and showcasing within and beyond the region.

stArts with D performance ensemble was formed comprising people with and without disability aged between 17 and 52 years of age. Creative development led to the presentation of a full theatre production Somebody Everybody.

Incite Arts also partnered with Santa Teresa School and the Central Australia Aboriginal Congress to deliver circus programs, along with Acacia Hill School & Centralian Middle School to deliver music programs.

Incite Arts received $119,000 through Community Partnerships’ 2013 Program category. 

From 2015 organisations can apply to our Arts Projects for Organisations (between $10,000 - $150,000). Click here for more information on this grant. 

Jodee Mundy  

Jodee Mundy is a Melbourne-based artist who creates both solo performance and community driven works through diverse live forms that include physical theatre, visual theatre, multilingual theatre, circus and puppetry.

Her practice has, at its core, a personal commitment to increase artistic participation for marginalised communities. Her recent collaborations with deafblind artists in works such as The Museum of Imagined Touch, have engineered ground-breaking interactions between these artists and new audiences.

In September 2013, Jodee received funding to undergo a peer-to-peer structured mentorship. Jodee and her principle mentor, Debby Marziaz, designed a tailored mentorship program that would be undertaken over a year. This would develop the artistic leadership skills required for Jodee to further her creative commitment to inclusive arts practice.

This also provided Jodee with the time, space, and resources to professionally engage and consult with senior artists, business leaders and cultural innovators. Australia Council funding allowed Jodee to balance the ongoing delivery of arts projects whilst developing an artistic rationale and a sustainable three year business plan. 

Alongside this, Jodee also collaborated with an arts researcher to develop an accessible resource for community arts practitioners wanting to work with minority communities. 

This resource will be launched at the Wheeler Centre, Melbourne in late October, 2014. Jodee is passionate about making this resource available to all.  

Jodee Mundy was the recipient of a 2013- 2014 Structured Mentorship through the Community Partnerships - Career Pathways grant category.

In the new grants program, individual artists from all art forms can apply for Career Development Grants for Individuals (between $5,000 - $25,000). Click here for more information on this grant. 

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