Lucy Guerin Inc

15 July 2010


A snapshot from the Lucy Guerin Inc archive

Lucy Guerin Inc is nearing its 10th year of operation and prior to the company’s formation Lucy Guerin had been creating independent works since 1993. The Lucy Guerin Inc archive of recorded documentation, press material, reviews, writings, and interviews etc. is currently being developed into an active resource for dancers, choreographers, historians, and students or anyone wanting information about the company’s past.

The archive will leave an accurate record of the company, its associates and activities, which will contribute to the evolution and understanding of the development and history of dance. It is intended as an active project which will engage with the public through the website and social networks. Selected footage and articles will be featured in an online snapshot to give the archive a presence beyond stored information.

To explore the archives, please visit the Lucy Guerin website. The current snapshot is sweet dreams.

Lucy Guerin Inc is supported as a Key Organisation of the Dance Board and received $224,775 for their 2010 program of activities.

Image from the Reeling program 1989. Courtesy of Lucy Guerin Inc.


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