Internationally - acclaimed former contemporary dancer, Michelle Ryan joins Dance Board.

04 May 2012

Michelle Ryan has over twenty years experience in the areas of performance, choreography, film and administration.

She was a performer with Meryl Tankard for seven and half years firstly in Australia, then followed by projects in Europe as Tankard’s assistant.

She was at the peak of her international career when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001.

On returning to Australia, Michelle was a founding member of Splintergroup. She also worked with Dancenorth in various capacities between 2005- 2010.

After nine years without dancing, Michelle made the award-winning short film Nerve Ending followed by Four Short Films About Juanita. Both films bring a new perspective to disability.

Michelle is now working with National Disability Services Queensland and is keen to continue encouraging people with disability not to be scared to dance. She is also collaborating on a new work with Torque Show’s, Vincent Crowley, Ingrid Weisfelt and Ross Ganf.

Image: Michelle Ryan Credit: Fullframe 

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