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The Australia Council for the Arts supports artists to take creative risks and develop new types of artistic expression.

Australian experimental arts explore challenging new concepts in the creation and experience of arts and culture. Artists take new approaches to seeding, creating and presenting art through innovative partnerships and collaborative creative processes.

The projects we fund are highly conceptual, contextual and relational. They play with or invent new forms, methodologies, technologies or explore non-material ideas.

These sometimes include art/science research collaborations, bio art, live art, socially engaged practices and new technologies. They often explore ecology, sustainability, urban renewal, and other cultural issues.

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Australian experimental arts explore challenging new concepts in the creation and experience of arts and culture.

Australia Council Emerging & Experimental Arts Award - Madeleine Flynn Q&A

What does winning the award mean to you?
For me, this award is an extraordinary marking of public value in a private act. When I found out I had been given this award, I burst into tears. Tears of gratitude, tears of relief. Tears of surprise. Awards in life are rare beasts: and make me think about all the people who have got me to here-artists, family, peers, people and audiences who have brought their attention/expertise to art. As partners in life and art, Tim and I take risks together. This awards gives a moment for us to celebrate this. It also means we can fix the roof which is suffering with climate change related water management issues.

What are you currently working on?
Three month time frame…
Presenting... Between 8 and 9: new work with CMO and Sichuan Conservatory for AsiaTOPA
Acoustic Life of Sheds with Big Hart, Ten Days on the Island

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Madeleine Flynn. Image credit: Pier Carthew
Madeleine Flynn. Image credit: Pier Carthew


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