Music Recording Initiative

01 June 2013

Earlier this year the Music Board of the Australia Council commissioned a report into music recording.

The objective was to:

(i) understand the needs of the music recording sector
(ii) assess what is required to grow the recording sector in the immediate and long term
(iii) explore the specific role of government in ensuring the sustainability of music recording in Australia.

This report sought to incorporate the views of all sections of the recording industry: large and small, mainstream and niche; local and transnational.

The Music Board were particularly pleased to work with key industry partners ARIA, PPCA, APRA/AMCOS and AIR as a reference group for the project. The report was prepared by Assoc Professor Shane Homan from Monash University and a small team of researchers who very effectively pulled together the views of a diverse range of stakeholders into a comprehensive and stimulating document.

In undertaking this research we were also pleased with the high level of interest and willingness to participate. The consistency of views expressed was also notable, given the wide range of creative and business practices represented amongst those interviewed.

Among its findings the report identifies that there is great scope for targeted assistance to stimulate small recording businesses across the entire range of music genres and traditions in Australia. In particular, support for the small to medium organisations that make up the “grassroots” of the industry was consistently identified as vital by those interviewed, from multinational recording companies to individual artists.

There was also a consistent view that access to any direct government support should be made available through a competitive application process. Interviewees endorsed the arms length peer review processes of the Australia Council and the report recommends that any further Australian Government funding for the recording sector should be processed through the Music Board’s application based processes.

The Music Board has continued to work with our key industry partners to consider the findings of the report and the possible responses.

As an initial response the Music Board has launched a pilot funding program offering a limited number of grants of up to $50k. Further details are available here.

We would hope that the outcomes of this pilot program will further strengthen the case for increased support for Music Recording.

The Music Board will also continue to work with our industry partners on other issues and options arising from the research.

Thanks must go to those who agreed to be interviewed, as well as Shane Homan and the research team and our industry partners.

The report can be downloaded here.

Paul Mason
Director, Music


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