The theatre sector in Australia is a ‘broad church’ which encompasses several spheres of activity. This includes commercial, professional subsidised, unsubsidised independent, participatory, community, and amateur theatre. Within these spheres there is a diversity of genres, including: plays and scripted work, music theatre and cabaret, circus and physical theatre, installation theatre performance, puppetry, media-based theatre work, live art, and contemporary inter-disciplinary performance. 

The view from 2014 is of a sector that is keen to keep pace with the broader environment. Theatre artists, organisations and enablers (such as producers) are highly attuned to the interests and needs of national and international audiences, and evolving platforms for engagement.

The theatre sector in Australia is a ‘broad church’ which encompasses several spheres of activity.

Australia Council Theatre Award – Rosemary Myers Q&A

What does winning the award mean to you?
I feel enormously proud and also humbled especially when I think about the breadth of amazing theatre artists across this country. Because the award recognises sustained contribution it prompts many memories so I am experiencing some happy nostalgia.

What are you currently working on?
At Windmill we have lots on the go. Right at his moment I am working with Matthew Whittet and Jonathon Oxlade on the film adaptation of our play School Dance, and we are also in the early stages of developing a new theatre work. Later in the year I am very excited to be directing Atlantis, a new play by Lally Katz, for Belvoir. 

What is the best piece of career advice you would give your younger self? 
Never apologise for being ambitious.

Can you describe the practical process you use to develop ideas/concepts for your work?
I like to generate some content and then play with ideas on the floor very early in the development. For me the theatre can’t exist purely on the page, it has to be embodied. This way the work itself can start to lead you. It is a back and forward balance between craft and pure imagination. 

What inspires you or has been the greatest influence of your work
So many artists inspire me from Bjork to Spike Jonze. The greatest influence on my younger self was David Bowie. When I was growing up, he powerfully represented a world view and way of being so beyond my own suburban experience, it truly blew my mind. The most direct influence on my own work has been my artistic collaborators. For me the exhilaration of making theatre is seeing the ideas ideas grow and evolve in the creative dialogue. I collaborate with some awesomely inventive people.
I also have two very lovely and talented sons. Our shared passion is the performing arts. Deep down, I know they think I’m funny even if they are too cool to show it.

Australia Council Theatre Award – Rosemary Myers Q&A
Australia Council Theatre Award – Rosemary Myers Q&A

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