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“Curation and development of artform” refers to the role of an arts organisation in its wider artform.

Every artist and arts organisation is part of a bigger picture: the rich history of their artform, and its future direction. Organisations can push the artform, experiment with new works, keep existing works alive for contemporary audiences, can work with other artforms and with new technology.

Each organisation must first decide what it hopes its contribution to the artform will be, now and into the future. It can then assess its contribution to the artform by asking itself and respected artistic peers about each work; the overall artistic program; and the big-picture, artistic vision and direction of the organisation.

Questions an organisation may ask include:

  • Do we bring freshness to the artform – old works and new?
  • Are we advancing the artform?
  • Are we striking the balance we desire, between tradition and newness, across the program and within each work?
  • Do our respected peers think that we are fulfilling our role in the artform?
  • Are there new opportunities to collaborate with other artforms?

Some arts organisations are committed to preserving a particular canon. The key additional questions for these organisations include:

  • Are we presenting works in a fresh, interesting way that engages our audiences and inspires our peers?
  • Are we breathing new life to traditional works?
  • Are we balancing our role in preserving and curating older works with supporting new works?

The stakeholders:

As with excellence of craft, to assess your organisation’s contribution to the artform, you will need to talk to:

  • Artists – working for the organisation, such as actors, musicians or dancers
  • Peers/Artform – includes peers and artistic community

The tools:

When you use the following tools, include questions, discussions and activities to reflect specifcally on the curation and development of the artform.




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