Artistic Reflection Kit


Artist surveys

Organisations wishing to get feedback from artists in a more structured way can implement a survey that will allow artists to reflect on the organisation’s artistic vibrancy. Design the survey questions to allow you to get the artists feedback around the five elements of artistic vibrancy.


Artistic Director’s report

The Artistic Director should make regular reports to the Board on artistic matters. The Artistic Director’s report should also be reviewed at the end of the artistic reflection cycle to incorporate any lessons learned and any future changes that will be made.

Artistic vision statements

The artistic vision statement should be embedded in the organisation’s mission and the whole organisation should share this vision.

Staff surveys

Implement a survey to measure the opinion of internal staff. A staff survey could focus on measuring the following:

  • Are staff engaged in the artistic plan?
  • Do staff understand the artistic plan?
  • Are staff excited and motivated?
  • Do staff have a sense of achievement?

The Australia Council will be implementing a staff survey to the pilot companies, that are currently testing the Artistic Reflection Kit, in 2011 and share any examples and templates developed.


National and international benchmarking

Benchmarking is a self-improvement tool. It allows arts organisations to compare themselves with others, to identify their comparative strengths and weaknesses and learn how to improve. Benchmarking is the process of finding and adopting best practices.

Peer panels

A peer panel is a structured but informal discussion with informed individuals and can be representative of all or some of your artistic stakeholders. “Should the members on the panel be objective?” No member can be completely objective. In fact, it is the subjective experience and understanding of each individual member that makes their judgment valuable.

We recommend that you engage an independent moderator to facilitate the discussion and then compile a report for your review afterward.

Independent expert and guest artists surveys

Design a questionnaire and that will allow you to capture what your artistic peers think of your work? Either survey an independent expert or a guest artist that you trust and respect. Ensure that they will give you frank and honest feedback. Questions can be structured around their opinion on how you contribute to the elements of artistic vibrancy:

  • Quality and excellence of craft
  • Development of artists
  • Curation and development of artform

Do they have any advice on how you might improve in these areas? See the “Structured interviews with independent experts/guest artists” tools for more information.


Audience Impact Surveys

Measuring the intrinsic impacts of a live performance in addition to the traditional “satisfaction” and “loyalty” indicators through an Audience Impact Survey, is a good way of measuring an audience’s engagement and stimulation.

Intrinsic impacts can be measured in the following groups/constructs:

  • Captivation: the degree to which an individual was engrossed and absorbed in the performance.
  • Intellectual stimulation: mental engagement, including personal and social dimensions: “cognitive traction.”
  • Emotional resonance: intensity of emotional response, degree of empathy with the performers and therapeutic value in an emotional sense.
  • Aesthetic growth: the extent to which an individual was exposed to a new type or style of art, or aesthetically stretched.
  • Social bonding: the extent to which the performance connected the individual with others in the audience, allowed him/her to celebrate cultural heritage or learn.
Getting copies of the survey

The survey templates are provided to Australia Council regularly funded arts organisations through a special licensing agreement with WolfBrown. The following templates are available:

  • Theatre
  • Classical music
  • Opera
  • Dance

For more information and to request a copy of the templates please contact Kevin du Preez, Project Manager via email

Visual arts and non-regularly funded performing arts organisation?

Please contact ARTS Australia to arrange access to WolfBrown surveys and to get more information - Tim Roberts, ARTS Australia via email

To assist arts organisations to implement the surveys, an online survey guidebook has been published to save you time and money. The guidebook includes templates and examples of a variety of tools used during the implementation of the survey. This guide is designed to be used by those who are literature in market research principles and techniques. 


Community focus groups or surveys

Hold a moderated discussion or implement a survey with a group of people from one of your target communities. The purpose of these tools are to assist you in thinking more deeply about your role in the community from a holistic point of view and give you a tool to measure if you are achieving this goal.


The Community Relevance Guide is an online resource designed to support arts organisations to create meaningful connections with communities. 

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