Artistic Reflection Kit

There are a range of research techniques featured in the Kit.  Some of the key techniques are described below.


Gathering in depth information from individuals through a one-on-one session over the phone or face to face. This is a good technique for complex subjects where you need to clarify a response, or sensitive topics where you need to build rapport with the interviewee.

Focus groups

Moderated discussions with a group of people around a specially-formulated discussion guide. The members of the group are randomly selected according their relationship to the subject (e.g.: under 25 year olds for a youth marketing campaign). The moderator encourages the participants to interact with each other to generate discussion. This is useful when you want to get the reactions of a number of people to an idea or proposal, where creative thinking is needed and the people in the group can feed off each other’s ideas.


Collection of information from a sample of people who are known to be representative of a larger group, the ‘target population’. Data is collected through a specially-designed questionnaire, and can be conducted on paper or online. Results are then analysed to identify patterns or trends. This is useful when you want to measure or quantify certain attributes of a group of people, e.g. What proportion of your audience is from a non-English speaking background?


A structured but informal discussion around a defined topic by a small group of informed individuals. Panels can be carried on before an audience, but the discussion is conducted as if the panel were meeting alone. This is useful when you want to generate debate among a group of experts who represent different viewpoints.


Detailed examination of available pieces of information with a view to better understanding a topic, its components, and/or the reasons for its nature, size, relationships, etc.

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