Artist Stories

Anne Dixon painting, Ikuntji Artists. Image Credit: Christian Koch.

Ikuntji Artists: Connecting to Country and Culture Across the Western Desert

31 October 2018

Ikuntji Artists is an established art centre in the spectacular West MacDonnell Ranges, a community hub that supports cultural maintenance and transmission while achieving an international profile for its contemporary Aboriginal art.

Akolkol Group Image

Akolkol Dastan Gesa: SAME DRUM

31 October 2018

Akolkol Dastan Gesa is a community arts and cultural development (CACD) project that enables young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to be leaders in telling their own stories.

Rawcus Ensemble performing Song for a Weary Throat, Theatre Works, St Kilda Victoria 2017. Image Credit: Paul Dunn.

Rawcus Ensemble: Song for a Weary Throat

31 October 2018

Rawcus is an award winning and critically acclaimed long-term collaborative ensemble delivering exceptional arts experiences which include artists with disability. Rawcus devises new works that express the imaginative world of the ensemble through a marriage of intense physicality and arresting visual imagery.

Dancenorth Attractor. Image credit Gregory Lorenzutti.

Dancenorth: Attractor

31 October 2018

Australian artists working across borders nationally and internationally captivate audiences and grow the profile and impact of Australian arts. The arts contribute to Australia’s international reputation and we take pride in our artists on the international stage – three in four Australians feel proud when our artists do well overseas.

 Tony Grybowski

Farewell to Tony Grybowski

26 October 2018

Tony Grybowski’s tireless commitment to building a stronger more inclusive arts sector is honoured as his 11 year tenure at the Australia Council draws to a close.

Fernando do Campo

Two Team Leaders Succeed after Venice

11 October 2018

Participants in our Venice Biennale Professional Development Program get a unique chance to build their confidence and skills while engaging daily with the workings of a major international exhibition. Here, two former Exhibition Team Leaders tell of their experiences and how being involved in the program has impacted their career.

Rani Pramesti

Q&A with Rani Pramesti, Future Leaders Program

13 September 2018

Rani Pramesti is a proud Chinese-Javanese-Indonesian-Australian woman. Before jumping heart-first into the arts, Rani practiced as a social worker in homeless shelters and refugee support organisations in Sydney. Now, as a performance maker, an arts producer and an advocate for the arts, Rani revels in the interface between social justice and the arts. She builds bridges across cultures, generations and disciplines. To join our next cohort of future leaders, apply before September 28.

Paula Abood - Image credit: courtesy of the artist

Paula Abood: Creative Producer, Community Advocate and Australia Council’s New Fellow for Community Arts and Cultural Development (CACD)

13 September 2018

"To be supported via a Fellowship from the Australia Council to write a reflection on participation in community cultural practice is such a generative opportunity. It allows me a critical space to bring our collective knowledges to the present, drawing on the scholarly and the poetic to tell this story."

Nicola Gunn- Image credit: Sarah Walker

Nicola Gunn: Performer, Writer, Producer and Australia Council’s New Theatre Fellow

13 September 2018

“This Fellowship is an extraordinary recognition by the Australia Council. I have benefitted enormously from several opportunities over the last 5 years; those experiences have indelibly shaped my current practice and informed new areas I intend to move into, and I couldn’t be more grateful."

Jacob Boehme - Courtesy of the artist

Jacob Boehme: Artist, Director, and the Australia Council's New Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Fellow

13 September 2018

“This Fellowship helps me to work more deeply with Elders and thought leaders locally and internationally about how we can build future culture based economies led by First Peoples, that has the potential to influence how we practice the 'business' of the arts."

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