Artist Stories

Rani Pramesti

Q&A with Rani Pramesti, Future Leaders Program

13 September 2018

Rani Pramesti is a proud Chinese-Javanese-Indonesian-Australian woman. Before jumping heart-first into the arts, Rani practiced as a social worker in homeless shelters and refugee support organisations in Sydney. Now, as a performance maker, an arts producer and an advocate for the arts, Rani revels in the interface between social justice and the arts. She builds bridges across cultures, generations and disciplines. To join our next cohort of future leaders, apply before September 28.

Paula Abood - Image credit: courtesy of the artist

Paula Abood: Creative Producer, Community Advocate and Australia Council’s New Fellow for Community Arts and Cultural Development (CACD)

13 September 2018

"To be supported via a Fellowship from the Australia Council to write a reflection on participation in community cultural practice is such a generative opportunity. It allows me a critical space to bring our collective knowledges to the present, drawing on the scholarly and the poetic to tell this story."

Katy Abbott

Katy Abbott: Composer and Australia Council’s New Music Fellow

13 September 2018

“The timing of this fellowship couldn't be better. It provides me with time and resources to develop two significant works and to travel internationally with exisiting orchestral pieces."

Jacob Boehme - Courtesy of the artist

Jacob Boehme: Artist, Director, and the Australia Council's New Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Fellow

13 September 2018

“This Fellowship helps me to work more deeply with Elders and thought leaders locally and internationally about how we can build future culture based economies led by First Peoples, that has the potential to influence how we practice the 'business' of the arts."

Nicola Gunn- Image credit: Sarah Walker

Nicola Gunn: Performer, Writer, Producer and Australia Council’s New Theatre Fellow

13 September 2018

“This Fellowship is an extraordinary recognition by the Australia Council. I have benefitted enormously from several opportunities over the last 5 years; those experiences have indelibly shaped my current practice and informed new areas I intend to move into, and I couldn’t be more grateful."

Ali Cobby Eckermann

Ali Cobby Eckermann: Writer, Poet and Australia Council’s New Literary Fellow

13 September 2018

“The Fellowship will nurture a new chapter for me, in both confidence and opportunity. As a writer I was yearning to explore new literary genres, and am writing my first prose fiction novel. The Fellowship will sponsor the research and travel required for the telling of the story I have chosen. It is a love story set in two deserts. I am also developing a small collection of essays. The Fellowship will enable more dedicated time to write, and a secure access to mentors of my choosing.”

Gareth Hart

Q&A with Gareth Hart, Future Leaders Program

10 September 2018

Gareth Hart is an independent Artist, Producer, Festival Director, Cultural Development Officer and Arts advocate. He holds a Masters of Choreography (by research) from the University of Melbourne and Victorian College of the Arts.

Jessica Alice

Jessica Alice, Future Leaders Program

13 August 2018

Jessica Alice is a writer, editor, broadcaster and artistic programmer who was selected to take part in the Australia Council Future Leaders Program in 2018. We caught up with Jessica as she was preparing to start her new role as Director of Writers SA to talk about the Future Leaders Program, what she has learned from the experience and what good leadership in the arts looks like.

Stephanie Lake choreographer

2017 Australia Council Fellowship recipient Stephanie Lake

25 May 2018

Choreographer and dancer Stephanie Lake is director of her own contemporary dance company, the Stephanie Lake Company, and creates works for other major companies here in Australia and overseas.

Dancer Matt Shilcock is currently undertaking an Australia Council residency in HIAP, Helsinki.

Dancer Matt Shilcock on Residency in Helsinki, Finland

15 February 2018

Dancer Matt Shilcock is currently undertaking an Australia Council residency in HIAP, Helsinki. We caught up with him on his way to Finland to ask about his practice and how it might evolve during his time at HIAP.

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