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Childcare costs

The Australia Council recognises that childcare needs may impede access to employment in the arts. Accordingly, childcare is a legitimate expense to include in an applicant’s budget.

Volunteer costs

Out-of-pocket expenses for volunteers in regional and remote areas, such as telephone calls or petrol for travel, are recognised as legitimate expenses and may be included in an applicant’s budget. 

Costs for activities in regional locations

The Australia Council encourages applicants whose projects will take place in regional and remote locations to budget accurately and realistically, as it is recognised that costs may differ between regions and major cities. 

Access costs

Access costs are viewed as legitimate expenses and may be included in an applicant’s budget. The Australia Council recognises that funding may be required for access costs incurred by applicants with disability, or for costs associated with working with artists with disability - who may have particular access needs (e.g. use of an interpreter, translation services, specific technical equipment, support worker/carer assistance). The Australia Council encourages applicants to ensure that their work is accessible to everyone. Therefore, budgets may also include costs associated with making activities accessible to a wide range of people (e.g. performances using Auslan, captioning, audio description, temporary building adjustments, materials in other formats such as Braille or CD).

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) enables applicants to request documents held by the Australia Council. We do not release documents that would harm the personal or business activities of any applicant, person or organisation. If you want access to documents under the FOI Act you must make a formal application in writing to the Australia Council. Charges may apply.


The information provided in grant applications is used when processing and assessing applications. Some of the information from applications may be used for training and system testing by Australia Council staff.

To help promote Australian arts, the Australia Council distributes information concerning successful grant applications to the Australian and state and territory governments, media representatives and the general public. This information is also published in the Annual Report and on the website.

We treat all personal information provided in support of an application in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

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