National Touring Status Grant

This Grant supports Australian organisations with demonstrated national touring experience, to program tours from 2018-2020. The Grant focuses on the opportunities to develop and engage regional and remote audiences through established partnerships with presenters.

Depending on what is appropriate to audience engagement plans and regional and remote presenters, proposed locations for touring can be either:

  • the same location each year of the touring triennium
  • a different itinerary plan for each year.

Applicants awarded a National Touring Status Grant will not be eligible to submit applications to Playing Australia - Regional Performing Arts Touring Fund for tours that take place between 2018-2020.

Applicants may apply for up to $400,000 per annum over three years.

We strongly advise you to speak with an Australia Council grants officer before applying to this fund. 

Closing date 

Midnight, 4 October 2016, for tours starting after 1 January 2018.

Technical support will not be available after 7pm on the closing day.

Who can apply

We accept applications from organisations. 

Who can’t apply

You can’t apply for a grant if:

  • you received a grant, or administered a grant, from the Australia Council in the past and that grant has not been satisfactorily acquitted
  • you owe money to the Australia Council.

What you can apply for

You can apply for:

  • interstate net touring costs, including freight, transport, accommodation and travel allowances outside of your home state
  • a contribution towards tour coordination expenses.

What you can’t apply for

You can’t apply for the following activity:

  • projects where the performers and artistic personnel are not paid at Award rates
  • projects that are to tour an international production
  • touring projects that only include capital city or metropolitan presentations
  • touring projects that do not include three or more interstate locations
  • touring projects that only include presentations in schools
  • tour dates that have already taken place
  • projects with a budget in surplus
  • core costs, for example wages and other costs associated with running the organisation

Peer assessment

Your application will be assessed by a panel of peers. The peers will be representative of a range of areas relevant to performing arts touring, including:

  • regional audience engagement and presentation
  • performing arts production 
  • tour coordination and management.

Assessment criteria

Peers will assess your application against four criteria:


  • The regional and remote coverage of the three year touring program.


  • The national touring track record of the applicant
  • The selection rationale for determining which productions are most appropriate for the touring program.


  • The audience development plan
  • The value of additional activities, for example workshops and masterclasses
  • How partnerships will be developed and maintained with presenters throughout the three year period.


  • Strength of planning
  • Realistic budgets
  • Organisational capacity to deliver the project

Your application

Applications for the National Touring Status Grant must be submitted via Australia Council Online. You must submit the five essential support materials with your online application using the templates provided below. You may also submit the listed optional support material. Be sure to read the FAQs below before submitting your application. 

  • Apply only for the costs outlined under ‘What you can apply for’, above
  • Use the file names provided when naming and submitting files with your application
  • The online application has a total size limit of 75MB. Video and audio files must be provided as a URL
  • Only the essential support materials and specified optional materials can be submitted with your application. No other support material will be accepted
  • to search for the relevant ARIA codes, please download this form.

Essential Support Material

All five documents must be submitted with your online application:

1.   Application Form (click here to download Word document)
  • Must be submitted in PDF format
  • Please name and submit your file with the title ‘1. Application Form’.

2.   Itinerary and Budget Form (click here to download Excel document) 

  • Must be submitted in Excel format only
  • Please name and submit your file with the title ‘2. Itinerary and Budget Form’.

3.   Regional and Remote Presenter Expression of Interest (EOI):

National Touring Status Grant applicants need to demonstrate that there is strong interest from regional and remote presenters in the intended three year plans. To provide this evidence applicants are required to submit:

  • A minimum of ten (10) EOIs from regional and remote presenters proposed for inclusion in 2018 touring schedule. If presenters are part of 2019-2020 plans this should be noted in their EOI. These EOIs should be submitted as one combined PDF.
  • A minimum of five (5) EOIs from regional and remote presenters proposed for inclusion in 2019-2020 touring schedule if the locations proposed are different to 2018. These EOIs should be submitted as one combined PDF.

4.   Production excerpt
Provide a video or audio recording of the production you plan to tour. For companies proposing to tour works yet to be produced, a video of a past example of the company’s work should be submitted. For music works, a sound recording is acceptable. 
Video or audio files must be provided as a URL. Provide only one URL with your online application.

5.   Working with Indigenous Arts

If any of the Project activities involve working with Indigenous communities please provide letters of support from those communities.

There are five Indigenous protocol guides for working with Indigenous Arts (song, media arts, performing, visual arts and writing) available on our website here

  • All letters of support must be submitted in one PDF document
    Please name and submit your file with the title ‘5. Letters of support’

Optional support material

When submitting an application the following documentation may be uploaded as optional support material.

  • Reviews relating to the production (if applicable). Maximum 3 pages submitted as one PDF
  • Brief biographical information on principal personnel (if applicable). Maximum 3 pages as one PDF. 

No other optional support material will be accepted. Do not submit additional supporting material that is not listed in the essential and optional categories.

A print friendly MS Word file can be accessed here.

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