How to become a peer

How to become a peer

If you are interested in being a peer assessor for Council, please complete the nomination form on Council’s online system. The nomination form captures information about your arts experience and knowledge, which helps us determine which grants and arts practices you could assess.

The Pool of Peers

Every three years we review and shortlist the nominations, and recommend a Pool of Peers to the Board of the Australia Council for approval. Peers in the Pool are the first people we contact when forming an assessment panel.

Peers remain in the Pool for three years, or participate in six assessment meetings, whichever limit is reached first. They can re-nominate to be a peer after two years.

A new Pool of Peers has been appointed from May 2017. Although we will not refresh the Pool of Peers in the near future, opportunities do occasionally arise for people with specific arts practice experience or representation. In these cases we will review new nominations received, and may invite people to participate in a specific panel.

Please note: Council receives many more nominations than there are opportunities for peers to assess. The balance of representation across all areas is a key consideration in the shortlisting process. For areas of arts practice or locations we receive the most nominations from, there will be many more experienced people than we can utilise.

Submit your nomination

Login below to submit your nomination form to become a peer assessor.


If you have never used the Australia Council’s online system before, download the instructions here: 

Please contact us if you have questions about becoming a peer:

Phone: 02 9215 9000 / 1800 226 912

National Relay Service: 1800 555 677


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