Asia in Australia

Market Development (grant)

Amount up to $75,000
Applications close 28 March 2014
Decisions advised May 2014
Eligible projects commence 1 July 2014


About the grant

This grant program supports Australian arts companies and presenters to invite artists and companies from Asia to present their work, or undertake a commissioned project with an associated premiere, in Australia. The grant is focused on public outcomes that will connect exciting contemporary work from Asia with Australian audiences.

Applications that feature new or existing partnerships, as well as collaborative work made between Australian and Asian artists, are also eligible to apply.

The objectives of this grant program are:

  • to enable Australian audiences and artists to access exciting work from our region
  • to support creative exchanges with Asian partners
  • to increase programming options of work from our region for Australian presenters.


Applications will be accepted from all art forms, from arts organisations and presenters and consortia, to present work and deliver a range of associated audience development activities.

The purpose of this grant is to support activities that develop deeper relationships between audiences, communities and artists, rather than presentations in isolation. As such, applicants must demonstrate:

  • how the proposed presentation/s will engage with audiences and communities
  • how audiences will be developed and how the project will benefit all those involved, including the presenter/s, the artists and the community
  • how the outcomes from the project will generate and foster ongoing relationships.

What is funded

This grant program provides a contribution towards the travel and per diem costs of Asian artists involved in the presentation of their work in Australia.

Priority will be given to applicants that include presentations in two or more locations and in non-metropolitan communities.

Specific eligible costs include:

  • the cost of the Asian touring party's international freight and travel from Asia to Australia return
  • the cost of freight in Australia
  • ground transport and domestic flights in Australia for all artists in the project* 
  • a 50% contribution to artists’ per diems*

*This applies to artists from Asia as well as Australian artists, if applicable.

Grants Available

There will be:

  • two grants awarded up to the amount of $75,000, and
  • five grants awarded of $20,000 - $50,000.

It is expected that the grant amount applied for is no more than 50% of the total budget. The total budget should include in-kind support as well as showing a financial contribution from the presenter/s.

These grants are available online and applicants will need to address the selection criteria.


Market Development Skills Resource



Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss their application. For information and any questions relating to this grants program, please contact:

Tory Loudon
Program Manager, Market Development
Phone (02) 9215 9046 or Toll free 1800 226 912

Meredith Okell
Program Officer, Market Development
Phone (02) 9215 9375 or Toll free 1800 226 912

Skype consultations are available. Please email the Program Officer above and arrangements will be made for a skype call.


To be eligible, you must meet the general eligibility requirements and the specific eligibility requirements given below.

This category is open to individuals, groups and organisations. If an application is deemed ineligible, it will not be assessed.

This grant is open to Australian presenters across all art forms and we welcome applications from consortiums. Presenters can be venues, festivals, museums and galleries, ARI’s and other networks who present work for audiences.

The project can be either in planning or development at the time of applying however activities will need to start during the 2014/2015 financial year.

Ineligible Projects

This grant is not open to Australia Council’s Major Performing Arts Companies or Major Festivals able to access MFI Funding.

Those applying for the Creative Partnerships with Asia program may not apply to this grant for the same costs. If you intend to apply for both grants you will need to demonstrate that your public presentation and audience development activities are distinct from your Creative Partnerships activity. Please contact a member of staff to discuss your application if you intend to apply for both grants.

This grant may not be used for capital expenditure or core operating costs, such as staff wages or overheads.


Selection Criteria

The panel will assess submissions based on the relevance and suitability of the tour/presentation and the status and touring history of the company/artist against the following five criteria:

• The artistic quality of the proposed presentation

In assessing this criterion the assessment panel may consider the strength of the support material relating to the quality of the artists practice and work history.

• The presenters’ motivation for this project

In assessing this criterion the assessment panel may consider

-  the successful delivery of  similar projects in the past
-  the rationale for this project
-  the benefits and potential outcomes for all partners involved.

• The relevance and suitability of the selected Asian artists to the presenter’s audiences

In assessing this criterion the assessment panel may consider

-  the rationale for working with the project artists
-  the audiences that will be targeted and the projects' relationship to them
-  your previous audience development work and any previous work undertaken with this targeted group.

• A high quality audience development plan

In assessing this criterion, the assessment panel may consider

-  the research have you done to articulate and identify the market fit
-  your proposed audience and market development activities for the project
-  your plans to maximize audience engagement through the project.

Your audience development plan should be included within your detailed description and should be no more than 2 pages in length.

• Evidence of thorough planning, effective use of resources and ability to manage the project

In assessing this criterion, the assessment panel may consider

-  the travel, freight, logistics and management required to efficiently and effectively present this project
-  the project management plan and experience
-  any articulated value-adding activities such as media outcomes or sector development.

Please provide a project schedule and itinerary, if applicable, and provide an accurate budget for the project, including details of the presenters’ financial commitment and any in-kind support. Please use the budget template provided below.

Download the Asia in Australia budget template


Selection process

An assessment panel will assess applications according to the selection criteria above. The outcomes will be published in an Assessment Meeting Report.

For more information on the assessment process, please see How your application is assessed in After you apply.

Asia in Australia budget template
(MS Excel spreadsheet - 35.0 KB)

How to apply

You are encouraged to apply online for this grant. To begin an online application, use the 'Apply online' button in the right-hand column. Please select 'Market Development’ when prompted to choose a section for your application. For other ways to apply, please see How to apply in Your application.

You have until midnight (12.00am) (AEST) on the advertised closing date to complete and submit your online application. If you choose to submit hardcopy supporting material if must be postmarked (ie you must mail it) on or before the advertised closing date.

If you choose to submit your supporting material online we strongly recommend applying well in advance to avoid technical or other difficulties that may occur. Technical assistance is only available 9.00am5.00pm (AEST) MondayFriday by emailing


Supporting materials

Your supporting material should demonstrate past or present work by you and/or your collaborators, which is relevant to the grant or initiative you are applying for. Specific requirements for supporting materials are outlined in the Essential and Optional sections for each grant or initiative.

For your application to be eligible, you must submit all materials outlined in Essential supporting materials, specific to the grant or initiative you are applying for. You may also submit materials outlined in Optional supporting materials. Please do not submit additional supporting material, i.e. material that is not listed in either ‘Essential’ or ‘Optional’ supporting material, as such material will not be sent to members of the assessment panel.

Please also note that supporting materials are sent to members of the assessment panel as electronic files. Any electronic files which do not adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Questions about submitting your supporting material in the Frequently asked questions may render your application ineligible. In addition, we recommended you read the Questions about submitting your supporting material for general questions and answers about supporting material specifications and advice for troubleshooting when you are submitting your application.

You must be sure to follow the specific support material requirements for the grant you are applying for, and please check with the artform program staff if you have any further queries.

Essential supporting material

You are required to submit the following supporting materials:

  • evidence of past work from the artists involved. This should be no more than one page and may be in the form of URLs or brief biographies
  • letters that evidence that the artists and the presenter/s are committed and outline in what way
  • a comprehensive budget outlining the total costs involved and the financial and in-kind contribution of the presenter/s. Please use the template provided.

Members of the assessment panel will view this material along with your application. If this material is not submitted with your application by the closing date your application will be deemed ineligible.


Download the Asia in Australia budget template


Additional support material

Do not submit additional supporting material that is not listed in the Essential and Optional Categories.


Submitting my supporting material

We recommend you submit all supporting material online as electronic files with your application. Information on file specifications and how to upload this material can be found in the Questions about submitting your supporting materials frequently asked questions.

If you have further questions, please contact the artform program staff well before the closing date. Contact details are located on the 'About' tab.


Application checklist

We encourage you to use this handy checklist to help you prepare and submit your application. You should:

  1. read the Funding Guide, in particular the general eligibility requirements, the information on making an application and the information on how your application will be assessed
  2. read all of the information provided for this grant (across all the tabs above)
  3. get in contact with the grant contact person to discuss your application
  4. prepare your application, being mindful that you address all of the eligibility and selection criteria for this grant
  5. submit your application form online using the 'Apply online' button in the right-hand column.

General FAQs

It is recommended that prospective applicants read the general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for all grants.

Asia in Australia FAQs

Specific FAQs relating to this grant are listed below. Please regularly check for updates as new questions may be published during the grant round.

How much can I apply for?
There will be two grants awarded up to the amount of $75,000, and five grants awarded of $20,000 - $50,000. It is expected that the grant amount applied for is no more than 50% of the total budget. The total budget should include in-kind support as well as showing a financial contribution from the presenter/s.

What international travel costs can I include my request for funding?
For the purposes of this grant, eligible costs include flights, travel insurance and visas for the touring party.

Does everyone need to get paid?
The Australia Council expects that all professional practitioners will be paid award rates or fees based on the current industry standard. These rates can be found by contacting organisations such as the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance, NAVA and by speaking to practitioners currently working in the field.

What is audience development?
For the purposes of this grant and application process, ‘audience development’ is defined as the process of building an audience for a particular artform, genre, event, arts organisation or venue over time. It is a continuing process and may involve plans, strategies and actions across many areas of an organisation, including marketing, box office, customer services, front of house, education, community outreach and programming.

Which countries fall under the definition of Asia?
Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Diego Garcia, East Timor, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea North, Korea South, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Caledonia, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tibet, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen Arab Republic.

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