Going Global

Market Development (grant)

Amount up to $20,000 for a one-off presentation or up to $50,000 for a tour
Applications close eight weeks prior to the project commencement date
Decisions advised within six weeks of the receipt of applications

About the grant

Going Global is a quick-response fund to support international touring of contemporary performing arts. It provides support for presentations, tours, and ‘go-see’ funding for international presenters to see Going Global supported works on tour.

Going Global supports international touring opportunities for Australian contemporary performing arts to:

  • increase artists’ income levels and diversify their income streams
  • facilitate the demand triggered through the Australia Council’s market development initiatives, such as the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM), international visitors programs and Australian delegations at key performing arts markets
  • extend the life of Australian contemporary works
  • maximise visibility, audience knowledge and appreciation of Australian contemporary performing arts worldwide.


This fund provides support for:
  • one-off projects – defined as one presentation or a series of consecutive performances in the same city, town or venue
  • tours – defined as a series of at least three consecutive performances in three different cities, towns or venues
  • ‘Go-See’ support for international presenters – to support international presenters and/or producers to see Australian work presented internationally.

Support is available for original, contemporary Australian work only.
This fund does not support Australian presenters to see performances in Australia. Please see the national Go See grant instead.

Amount available

The maximum amount available per application is as follows:
  • one-off presentations: $20,000
  • per trip tours: $50,000 for an extended international tour
  • ‘Go-See’ support for international presenters: $4,000.


Going Global only covers travel (international airfares and visa costs) and freight costs not covered by the international presenters.

Support will not exceed 40 percent of a project's total expenses.

Presentation fees should reflect the scale of the touring party and the region in which the presentation is located.

For ‘Go-See’ support, applicants can apply for airfares, accommodation and/or ground travel costs only.

The fund does not cover the cost of per diems.


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Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss their application. For information and any questions relating to this grants program, please contact:

Ellen Dwyer
Program Officer, Market Development

Phone (02) 9215 9051 or Toll free 1800 226 912
Email e.dwyer@australiacouncil.gov.au 
Skype consultations available: please email the staff member above and arrangements will be made for a skype call.

Market Development (grant)

Amount up to $20,000 for a one-off presentation or up to $50,000 for a tour
Applications close eight weeks prior to the project commencement date
Decisions advised within six weeks of the receipt of applications


To be eligible, you must meet the general eligibility requirements and the specific eligibility requirements given below.

This category is open to individuals, groups and organisations. If an application is deemed ineligible, it will not be assessed.

Eligible projects

Going Global supports one-off presentations or tours of full-length works that are either:

  • direct outcomes of Australia Council Market Development initiatives
  • self-initiated by the artist or company and aligned with their international market development plans.

Tours or presentations must take place within 12 months of submitting a proposal.

Ineligible projects

The following would be deemed ineligible for funding under this grants program:

  • presentations or tours by companies defined as having International Status as part of their Key Organisation support
  • artists or companies self-presenting their work internationally (tours or presentations without guaranteed performance fees)
  • showcases at international performing arts markets, or presentations of works in excerpt format
  • ‘Go-See’ applications not attached to a Going Global supported tour or one-off presentation, or where there is no pre-existing relationship with the Going Global program
  • cultural exchanges, residencies or the development of co-productions with international presenters or producers
  • international presenters’ travelling to see work presented in Australia.



Selection criteria

These funds are highly competitive. The panel assesses submissions within a national comparative context based on the suitability of the tour/presentation and the status and touring history of the company/artist and against the following four criteria:

  • A demonstrated understanding of the region and the market proposed for the tour.
    - How did the invitation to tour come about?
    - Why are you touring this work to this city/region/venue/festival?
    - What is the curatorial style of the venue/festival and how does this support your work?
    - What opportunities does this presentation/tour offer for your work (ie fees, audience reach, long-term relationship building outcomes, connecting to other presenters of a similar style/scale)?

  • Commitment from presenters to pay a reasonable fee and support the presentation/tour adequately
    - What fees did you secure and how did you negotiate them?
    - Has the venue, festival or event presented your work previously? If so, how have you built on the previous engagement (ie fees, season length, and audience development)?
    - How will the presenter promote/market the show?
    - Will you undertake any additional marketing and publicity activities to support the presenter?

  • A demonstrated ability to manage an international presentation/tour.
    - Have you managed an international tour previously? If not, where are you seeking support and advice to assist you? If yes, what is your approach to tour management?
    - How will you support the artists and crew on the road (ie managing number of performances with travel and rest days; managing scheduling of freight, air, road and ground transport)?
    - Do you plan to undertake any other activities while on tour (ie. workshops, master classes, meetings, media etc)?
    - Was the work designed to tour internationally? If not, how will you modify the work to ensure a smooth and efficient tour?

  • The impact of the presentation/tour on developing future international opportunities for the artist/company.
    - How does this tour fit with your international market development plan?
    - Why is this tour strategic in terms of extending your reach internationally and/or enhancing the professional development of you or the company?
    - Will this presentation/tour provide the opportunity to secure other future international tours? This does not incorporate artistic appraisal of the work. The assumption is that the presenter committed to programming and covering the costs of the presentation has assessed the work from an artistic perspective.

We request the budget, touring personnel list and tour summary to assess the stability of each project. This information is also used by the Australia Council to compile data over time on the level of investment, fees generated and scale of touring activity for Australian artists and organisations.


Selection process

An assessment panel will assess applications according to the selection criteria above. The outcomes will be published in an Assessment Meeting Report.

For more information on the assessment process, please see How your application is assessed in After you apply.

Market Development (grant)

Amount up to $20,000 for a one-off presentation or up to $50,000 for a tour
Applications close eight weeks prior to the project commencement date
Decisions advised within six weeks of the receipt of applications

How to apply

You are encouraged to apply online for this grant. To begin an online application, use the 'Apply online' button in the right-hand column. Please select 'Market Development’ when prompted to choose a section for your application. For other ways to apply, please see How to apply in Your application.

You have until midnight (12.00am) (AEST) on the advertised closing date to complete and submit your online application. If you choose to submit hardcopy supporting material if must be postmarked (ie you must mail it) on or before the advertised closing date.

If you choose to submit your supporting material online we strongly recommend applying well in advance to avoid technical or other difficulties that may occur. Technical assistance is only available 9.00am5.00pm (AEST) MondayFriday by emailing operationsservicedesk@australiacouncil.gov.au


Supporting materials

Your supporting material should demonstrate past or present work by you and/or your collaborators, which is relevant to the grant or initiative you are applying for. Specific requirements for supporting materials are outlined in the Essential and Optional sections for each grant or initiative.

For your application to be eligible, you must submit all materials outlined in Essential supporting materials, specific to the grant or initiative you are applying for. You may also submit materials outlined in Optional supporting materials. Please do not submit additional supporting material, i.e. material that is not listed in either ‘Essential’ or ‘Optional’ supporting material, as such material will not be sent to members of the assessment panel.

Please also note that supporting materials are sent to members of the assessment panel as electronic files. Any electronic files which do not adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Questions about submitting your supporting material in the Frequently asked questions may render your application ineligible. In addition, we recommended you read the Questions about submitting your supporting material for general questions and answers about supporting material specifications and advice for troubleshooting when you are submitting your application.

You must be sure to follow the specific support material requirements for the grant you are applying for, and please check with the artform program staff if you have any further queries.


Essential supporting material

Essential supporting material required for this grants program:

  • a budget, list of touring personnel and tour summary in the required format
    (Going Global budget template)
  • letters of offer from the presenters, confirming performance dates, venue, the final fee and any other expenses to be paid by the presenter
  • for one-offs, a list of presenters you will target to attend the performance/s and why - to demonstrate how the one-off presentation will develop future international touring opportunities for the artist or company
  • international touring history for the past 18 months.

Members of the assessment panel will view this material along with your application. If this material is not submitted with your application by the closing date your application will be deemed ineligible.

Go-See requests

Applicants requesting ‘Go-See’ support for international presenters must submit:

  • written confirmation of attendance from the buyer/s
  • the presenter’s name, position, festival/venue, city and country
  • a brief rationale as to why the presenter has been selected
  • details on which performance they will attend
  • a brief budget outlining the funding required to off-set the buyer’s travel costs.

You may submit ‘Go-See’ applications at either the time of your Going Global application or closer to the performance dates. If you are submitting a ‘Go-See’ application after your successful Going Global application, you must contact Market Development staff first and submit the application by email, not through the online system.

Indigenous Protocols

If your proposal involves representations of artistic/cultural practice or intended outcomes relating to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artists or communities, you must provide letters of consent from relevant communities or artists. You must show clear evidence of support and agreement for the activities undertaken, in line with the Protocols for Producing Indigenous Australian Performing Arts guide. In preparing your application, please consult the Indigenous protocol guide for performing arts and demonstrate that your project meets the principles outlined as a framework for respecting Indigenous heritage (page 10):

  1. Respect
  2. Indigenous control
  3. Communication, consultation and consent
  4. Interpretation, integrity and authenticity
  5. Secrecy and confidentiality
  6. Attribution
  7. Proper returns
  8. Continuing cultures
  9. Recognition and protection.


Additional support material

Do not submit additional supporting material that is not listed in the Essential and Optional Categories.


Submitting my supporting material

We recommend you submit all supporting material online as electronic files with your application. Information on file specifications and how to upload this material can be found in the Questions about submitting your supporting materials frequently asked questions.

If you have further questions, please contact the artform program staff well before the closing date. Contact details are located on the 'About' tab.


Application checklist

We encourage you to use this handy checklist to help you prepare and submit your application. You should:

  1. read the Funding Guide, in particular the general eligibility requirements, the information on making an application and the information on how your application will be assessed
  2. read all of the information provided for this grant (across all the tabs above)
  3. get in contact with the grant contact person to discuss your application
  4. prepare your application, being mindful that you address all of the eligibility and selection criteria for this grant
  5. submit your application form online using the 'Apply online' button in the right-hand column.

Market Development (grant)

Amount up to $20,000 for a one-off presentation or up to $50,000 for a tour
Applications close eight weeks prior to the project commencement date
Decisions advised within six weeks of the receipt of applications

General FAQs

It is recommended that prospective applicants read the general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for all grants.


Going Global FAQS

I am presenting my show at an international fringe festival. Can I apply to Going Global?
Going Global only supports presentations and tours with guaranteed performance fees. If you are self-presenting your work at an international fringe festival and securing income through a door charge or box office arrangement, you are ineligible for support through Going Global. If the international fringe festival is offering a guaranteed fee for the performances, you are eligible to apply to Going Global.

I am a musician planning to tour internationally. Can I apply to Going Global?
If you are an Australian musician or group planning to tour internationally, we recommend you first investigate the International Pathways initiative offered by the Music Board in partnership with Market Development. To find more details on this initiative, please search for International Pathways under Grants on the Australia Council’s website. Going Global generally only supports music groups touring to large-scale performing arts venues or international performing arts festivals.
If you are presenting a showcase at an international music festival or market, please refer to the International Showcase – Music Makers initiative. To find more details on this initiative, please search for International Showcase – Music Makers under Grants on the Australia Council’s website.

Where else can I find grants to support international presentations and touring?
Please see the Other Funding Sources page on the Australia Council’s website for links to other funding options.

I can’t find the Going Global application in the online system under Dance, Emerging & Experimental Arts, Music or Theatre. Where can I find it?
Please choose 'Market Development' from the dropdown list in the online system. Going Global will appear as an option to select.

What costs can I apply for through Going Global?
For one-offs and tours, the final funded amount is based on travel (international airfares and visa costs) and freight costs not covered by the international presenters. We expect that applicants will have a commitment from the presenter/s to pay a reasonable fee and support the presentation/tour adequately.

When is the next closing date for Going Global? How soon will I be notified?
Going Global has no closing dates. We assess applications and advice applicants within six weeks of receipt. You must apply at least eight weeks prior to the start of your project.

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Going Global

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Individual; Organisation; Groups


Market development; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts; Dance; Music; Theatre


International touring; Market Development

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01 January 2003

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