Community Partnerships - Assessment Meeting Report - November 2011 (for grants that closed in September 2011)

Community Partnerships Projects with Public Outcomes, Projects and Professional Development grants with closing dates on 7 September 2011


Deputy Chair’s comments

On behalf of the Community Partnerships Committee I am pleased to announce the individual artswokers and companies who have been successful across a range of our investment programs for community arts and cultural development.

The Committee met from the 07 - 08 November 2011 and assessed over 70 applications and nominations made to the following categories:

  • Projects with Public Outcomes
  • Projects
  • Professional Development

In closing I would like to thank all the community arts and cultural development artsworkers and companies for their applications and nominations. I would also like to thank my fellow Committee members and peers for contributing their expertise and consideration and the staff of Community Partnerships who provide the highest level of professional support to both the Committee and applicants.



Jeremy Smith

Deputy Chair, Community Partnerships Committee



Overall this round demonstrated a sustained commitment from the sector in designing, developing and facilitating Community Arts and Cultural Development projects and practice across Australia.

All eight community partnerships priority areas were well represented throughout the round and innovative process and practice used in exploring them.

Applicants are strongly recommended to read funding guidelines and selection criteria thoroughly before applying and are also encouraged to contact community partnerships staff with any further queries.

This round also highlighted the need for applicants to include, utilise and clearly articulate evaluation processes across all community partnerships categories.

Applicants are also reminded to provide the required support material adhering to the limits and file types outlined in the support material guidelines.

It is also imperative that applications made to the Projects with Public Outcomes category have sought at least 30% cofounding from sources other than the Australia Council, have a range of cross sector partners and have adequate relevant representation on their steering committees.

It is also imperative that applications made to the Projects with Public Outcomes category have sought at least 30% cofounding from sources other than the Australia Council, have a range of cross sector partners and have adequate relevant representation on their steering committees.

The committee resolved that no applications of excellence were received and in order to ensure the integrity of the sector made the decision to not fund any of the 4 received.

As this category is still relatively new it can be expected that there may be a period of learning involved while applicants acclimatise with the new criteria.


Successful applicants

Projects with Public Outcomes

Bankstown Youth Development Service Inc. (NSW) - $ 20,000
Design and development of a project involving young, local male artists and community examining violence and its alternatives.


CemeNTworx (NT) - $ 23,500
Group devised theatre performance working with people with disability.


Craftsouth: Centre for Contemporary Craft & Design (SA) - $ 35,000
Traditional craft skills workshops and creative development partnerships culminating in new works.


Curious Works (NSW) - $ 35,000
A map of interactive multimedia projected across public walls of Liverpool City at night.


Glenorchy City Council (TAS) - $ 34,996
DIGITAL MANTELPIECE is a community based digital storytelling project based in Glenorchy, Tasmania.


Melbourne Workers Theatre (VIC) - $ 30,000
Communities engaged as experts in presenting 24 perspectives of a day in the life of Melbourne.


No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability Inc (SA) - $ 35,000
‘Knowing Home’, a new work about the meaning of 'home' in the lives of 16 disabled ATSI performers.


Penrith City Council (NSW) - $ 35,000
Public Art and Performance Project by artists with disabilities in interdisciplinary collaborations.


Saad, Joanne (NSW) - $ 35,000
Design and development of a project exploring place & memory by engaging diverse communities through music and moving images.


Visionary Images Inc. (VIC) - $ 35,000
To collaborate with regional young people & community to produce & exhibit interactive media art.


Acholi Women's Group Inc (VIC) - $ 15,400
Through workshops, to improve our standard of stagecraft, choreography and ability to teach others.


Broome Dance Project (WA) - $ 19,935
To undertake a youth engagement hip hop dance project in the Kimberley titled ‘YouTube Me Dance’.


Cairns Regional Council (QLD) - $ 19,453
Hybrid arts collaboration workshop program for 15 - 18 year olds and develop skills of emerging artists.


Culture In Harmony with Nature (VIC) - $ 19,800
Pacific Island cultural exchange and collaboration through film making and interactive online space.


Denmark Arts Council (WA) - $ 19,930
Dance, textiles and writing workshops exploring historical and contemporary connections to country.


Horin, Roslyn (NSW) - $ 20,000
BATAGINE theatre piece with African women, celebrating women’s' resilience in the face of violence and rape.


Riverland Youth Theatre Inc (SA) - $ 19,500
Nunga Rhythms— young people participate in arts engagement, supported by community partners.


South Burnett Regional Council (QLD) - $ 19,320
‘Tractor Tattoo’: community engagement initiative around the development of a musical tractor.


Stalker Theatre Incorporated (NSW) - $ 20,000
Indigenous cultural exchange program between young people from Broome, WA and from North America.


Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery (VIC) - $ 12,575
Twig is a collaboration between communities in the Mallee and Sth Riverina with artist Trevor Flinn.


Young & District Arts Council Inc (NSW) - $ 19,660
Artist in Residence to work with youth at risk and disability and community groups in regional NSW incorporating film and exhibition.


Professional Development

There were no successful applications in this round, the committee noted that the applications received were again not clearly articulating the required selection criteria and were therefore not of a high enough calibre to be funded.

The committee did note however that a positive improvement was visible since the round two assessments in July.

Community Partnerships staff will provide feedback and give further explanation regarding the category criteria to those who applied and encourage them to reapply to the first round of 2012.


Funding statistics

Projects with Public Outcomes

Applications received: 30
Applications funded: 9
30% success rate
Amount requested: $898,970.00
Amount approved: $283,496.00



Applications received: 43
Applications funded: 12
27.9% success rate
Amount requested: $780,272.00
Amount approved: $225,473.00


Professional Development

Applications received: 4
Applications funded: 0
0% success rate
Amount requested: $39,315.00
Amount approved: $0



Total grants received: 77
Total amount approved: $ 508,969.00


Panel members

The following Committee members and industry representatives attended the meeting:

Committee members:

Jeremy Smith (WA)
Claudia Chidiac (NSW)
Marlane Zaibak (VIC)
Apologies: Imelda Rivers (SA)

Participating Peers:

Professor Brad Haseman (QLD)
Lorna Martin (NT)
Michelle Kotevski (NSW)


Australia Council staff:

Frank Panucci, Director, Community Partnerships
Thom Scire, Program Officer, Community Partnerships
Lucy Mendelssohn, Program Officer, Community Partnerships
Morgan Brady, Section Coordinator, Community Partnerships

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