Music - Assessment Meeting Report - March 2012 - Soundclash

Music - Assessment Meeting 5 March 2012


Soundclash is an initiative of the Music Board that supports the creation or development of innovative, risk-taking contemporary popular music. The initiative seeks to fund musically successful experimentation within contemporary music forms such as rock, hip hop, pop, electronic dance music and other related genres.

Applications are assessed by a panel made up of representative/s from the Australia Council’s Music Board along with peers with artform and business expertise.

The assessment panel for this round met on the 5th March 2012 and consisted of:

  • Johannes Luebbers (composer/jazz pianist, Music Board member) WA
  • Tom Piper (electronic music producer) NSW
  • Evelyn Morris (musician) VIC

57 applications were received with a total request of $511,715. 12 applications were successful, to the value of $100,600.

The panel considered all proposals in relation to the following published criteria:

  • the artistic merit of the project and the quality of the artists involved
  • the extent to which the project demonstrates an experimental, creative and innovative approach to contemporary popular music as defined in this initiative
  • good planning and effective use of resources.

The proposals were assessed against the selection criteria, in competition with the other proposals, and were given an overall percentage rating. They were then ranked according to their rating, and funding was allocated to the highest ranked proposals.

This was the fourth and final round of the Soundclash Initiative. This has been a very successful and competitive program over the last four years and it encouraged a range of artists who had not previously applied to the Music Board to consider applying for funding support. While this was a short-term, non-ongoing initiative, we welcome applicants who have applied to Soundclash or who make this sort of music to continue applying to the Music Board through our regular grant rounds, such as New Work and Presentation and Promotion. The Music Board is keen to support high quality music across a wide range of different genres and styles. Information on Music Board funding programs can be found in the Arts Funding Guide 2012.


New Work (Writing and Recording) grant round

New Work grants support one-off projects that involve the creation of new work, including first recordings of new Australian music of all types and media arts projects. For applications involving recordings, high quality first recordings of new Australian works will be prioritised.
There are two sub-categories of New Work grants – Writing and recording and Media Arts. New Work (Writing and Recording) sub-category is for creative projects including composition, songwriting, arranging and recording (up to and including the stage of mastering). Performance outcomes are not funded in this sub-category (please refer to Presentation and Promotion).
The next round of New Work will close on 18th June 2012, for projects starting from 21 September 2012 onwards. Guidelines are available here.

Paul Mason
Director Music Australia Council


Successful applicants 


Byrne, Sarah (QLD) $9,000
Towards the creative development of performance and recording projects by Brisbane avant pop group Sky Needle.


Callinan, Kieran (NSW) $7,940
Towards the creative development of new work for an upcoming release.


Cameron, Alexander (NSW) $6,500
Towards a percussive exploration of modern electronic dance music which aims to translate rhythms visually.


Danilewitz, Jonti (NSW) $10,000
Towards writing and recording the second Jonti album, collaborating with local and international artists.


Fishing (NSW) $9,000
Towards writing and producing Fishing's debut record.


Ikin, Kane (VIC) $9,745
Towards developing new musical material for an upcoming release by Solo Andata.


Lucy Cliché (NSW) $9,000
Towards developing and recording a debut album for Lucy Phelan's solo project 'Lucy Cliché.'


Moebus, Michael (NSW) $9,000
Towards creative development of new musical works by artist 'Meem.'


Old Growth Cola (QLD) $5,160
Towards the development of new work for an Old Growth Cola cassette release.


Pateras, Anthony (VIC) $10,000
Towards writing and recording an LP of small ensemble music for a duo collaboration with vocalist Mike Patton.


Solier, Raquel (VIC) $5,255
Towards developing, creating and recording new Fatti Frances music which combines experimental sound art with contemporary RnB.


Tank, Oliver (NSW) $10,000
Towards developing and collaborating on new songs for Oliver Tank's debut album.


Funding statistics

Applications received: 57
Applications funded: 12
21.05% success rate
Amount requested: $511,715
Amount approved: $100,600


Panel members

The following Board member and industry representatives attended the meeting:
Board member:
Johannes Luebbers (WA)

Participating advisors:
Tom Piper (NSW)
Evelyn Morris (VIC)

Australia Council staff:
Paul Mason, Director Music
Morwenna Collett, Program Manager Music
Andy Rantzen, Program Officer Music
Peter Keogh, Program Officer Music
Lia Kemp, Section Coordinator Music


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