Music - Assessment Meeting Report - February 2011 - International Pathways

International Pathways grant, closing date 29 November 2010


International Pathways is an initiative of the Australia Council's Music Board and Market Development section. The initiative assists with the development of markets and audiences by supporting international touring by Australian musicians performing predominantly original Australian music. 

Applications are assessed by a panel made up of representatives from the Australia Council’s Music Board along with peers with artform and business expertise.

The panel for this meeting was:
Anne Gilbey (musician, Music Board member), Bernadette Ryan (artist manager), Arne Hanna (musician) and Pip Branson (musician and promoter).

The assessment panel considered all proposals in relation to the following criteria:

  • artistic merit
  • export readiness and the quality of the marketing strategy
  • evidence that the activity is well planned and achievable.

The proposals were assessed against the selection criteria, in competition with the other proposals, and were given an overall percentage rating. They were then ranked according to their rating, and funding was allocated to the highest ranked proposals.
Applications to this round were of an extremely high standard and represented a diverse range of music practice.  

International Pathways is one of the most competitive of the Music Board funded programs, with 18% of applications in this round able to be supported.  Artistically strong applicants with evidence of strategically planned itineraries, and objectives were rated highly . Budgets that reflected a diverse range of income streams were also well regarded.

Paul Mason
Director Music Australia Council

Successful applicants

Beaches (VIC) - $13,809
Towards a  tour of the USA, UK and Europe

 Cloud Control (NSW) - $20,000
Towards two tours of the UK and showcases at SxSW, Austin, USA.

 Deep Sea Arcade (NSW) - $20,000
Towards a tour of UK and Spain.

 Dyson, Mia (VIC) - $10,000
Towards a tour of the USA and Canada to support the release of the EP 'You and Me.'

 Goldner String Quartet Pty Ltd (NSW) - $19,500
Towards concert performances in the UK

 PVT Music (NSW) - $20,000
Towards a tour of the US, Canada, Europe and UK in support of 'Church With No Magic.'

 Slug Guts (QLD) - $16,000

Towards a tour of the US, including SXSW showcase.

 Soer, Jerry (Miami Horror) (NSW) - $20,000
Towards a tour of Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

 The Barons of Tang (VIC) - $20,000
Towards a tour of New Zealand.

 Topology Inc (QLD) - $20,000
Towards a performance at the Singapore Arts Festival (with Loops) and Ghent Festival of Flanders.

 Washington (NSW) - $20,000
Towards a tour of the UK and US, including a showcase at SXSW.


Funding statistics

Applications received: 60
Applications funded: 11
18% success rate
Amount approved: $199,309

Panel members

Board members and industry representatives:
Anne Gilby (VIC)
Arne Hanna (NSW)
Bernadette Ryan (VIC)
Pip Branson (NSW)

Australia Council staff:
Paul Mason, Director, Music
Morwenna Collett, Program Manager, Music
Andy Rantzen, Program Officer, Music
Peter Keogh, Program Officer, Music
Lia Kemp, Section Coordinator, Music
Brian Murphy, Administration Officer, Music
Bow Campbell, Project Manager, Market Development
Fenn Gordon, Director, Market Development

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