Visual Arts Assessment Meeting Report - for Artist Run Initiatives - closing date 1 February 2012

Artist Run Initiatives - closing date 1 February 2012


Chair's comments

On 15 and 16 March the Visual Arts Board (VAB) reviewed 45 applications from Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs) seeking project funding through the Opportunities for Young and Emerging Artists (OYEA) program. The board distributed $269,922 to 14 successful applicants. This was a competitive round with 31 percent of submissions successful and a further nine applications deemed competitive by the board.

Funds distributed through this round were for cross-artform or interdisciplinary projects that included residencies, mentorships, exhibitions and publications.  ARIs could apply for up to $20,000—or $25,000 for Victorian ARIs, thanks to additional funding through the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy.

While all applications were assessed according to the published assessment criteria the board stressed quality and innovation. Attention was paid to the budgets, as the board is keen to see that appropriate artists’ fees are included and that the income and expenditure totals balance.

A reminder that the strength of your application depends on the quality and relevance of support material submitted. The board should see a clear link between the support material and the project you are proposing. It is particularly important that you submit material in the most appropriate format, and that you avoid including images of opening nights and other crowd shots. If you have any questions about support material please contact VAB staff.

ARIs applying for funding are reminded that this round is specifically for project funding that presents cross-artform or interdisciplinary practice and is not for an annual program of activities.

The board was delighted with the regional spread of applications and the diversity of approaches that exhibited high levels of entrepreneurship.

I would like to thank the members of the Visual Arts Board—Angela Valamanesh, Seán Kelly, Danie Mellor, Kate Dawe, Victoria Reichelt, Mari Velonaki and Catherine Truman—for their diligence and professionalism. With a range of professional expertise across many fields their assessments represented a remarkable example of consistency and objectivity in decision-making.

On behalf of the board I would also like to thank VAB staff for assisting us to efficiently manage the very difficult assessment task. It was another outstanding effort. Cath�Y eT௛xN7or their diligence and professionalism. With a range of professional expertise across many fields their assessments represented a remarkable example of consistency and objectivity in decision-making.


Prof Ted Snell AM CitWA
Chair Visual Arts Board

Successful applicants


Artists Run Initiatives


Articulate project space, NSW, $18,500
 Mentor young and emerging artists through an intergenerational collaboration project

Big Fag Press, NSW, $20,000
 Run a residency program for emerging artists

Blindside Artist Run Space Inc, VIC, $25,000
 Deliver a cross artform Festival including diverse exhibitions and collaborative residencies

Darwin Visual Arts Association Inc, NT, $20,000
 Undertake Art on Wheels project, taking contemporary art to the suburbs of Darwin

Disembraining Machine, QLD, $20,000
 Present sound art collaborations between emerging & senior artists

FELTspace, SA, $17,975
Develop writing projects involving collaborations between artists, writers, designers & curators

Kings Artist Run Initiative, VIC, $17,924
Deliver an emerging artist workshop and exhibition project in association with interstate ARIs

Oktachoron Pty Ltd, WA, $16,723
Present a forum to discuss sustainable, critical art practice in Perth & launch an online journal

OtherFilm Inc, QLD, $13,800
Present the OtherFilm Festival, a live audiovisual performance event with screenings and workshops

Rinse Out Inc, NSW, $20,000
Artist presentation and professional development through the Underbelly Arts Propeller Program

SafARI Initiatives Inc, NSW, $20,000
Support emerging artists through an innovative exhibition program during the 2012 Biennale of Sydney

Serial Space, NSW, $20,000
Present Time Machine, a new festival of experimental time based art

Sydney Non Objective Group Inc, NSW, $20,000
Develop cross-artform projects between emerging and established artists

Un Projects Inc (t/a Un Magazine), VIC, $20,000
Publish issues 6.1 and 6.2 of the critical art journal un Magazine


Funding statistics


Applications received

Successful Applicants

Success Rate

Amount Requested

Amount Funded

Artist Run Initiatives 45 14 31.1% $849,738 $269,922


Panel members

The following Board members and peer advisers attended the meeting:


Board members

Prof Ted Snell AM, chair, WA
Dr Kate Daw, Vic
Mr Seán Kelly, Tas
Dr Danie Mellor, NSW
Dr Victoria Reichelt, Qld
Ms Catherine Truman, SA
Dr Angela Valamanesh AM, SA
Dr Mari Velonaki, NSW

The following staff members were present at the meeting:


Australia Council staff

Julie Lomax, Director Visual Arts
Emma Blong, Program Officer
Hannah Bradley, Administration Officer
Rebecca McLean, Section Coordinator
Vanessa Lloyd, Program Officer
Romany Petersen, Program Officer

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