Visual arts - Opportunities for young and emerging artists - Artist run initiatives - January 2009

Closing Date 27th January 2009

The visual arts board has partnered with the inter-arts office to support artist run initiatives (ARIs) as part of the Australian Government’s opportunities for young and emerging artists.
The grants are to be used to assist young and emerging artists involved with an ARI to develop their professional skills and/or build their professional connections and networks. Applicants were encouraged to include cross-artform or interdisciplinary, and collaborative projects, such as sound and media arts as well as projects which involved collaborations with other ARIs.

Chair's report

On the 6 March the board reviewed 42 applications from artists run initiatives seeking project funding from the opportunities for young and emerging artists grant round and distributed $249,799 to successful applicants.This was a competitive round with 31% of submissions successful.

Funds distributed in this round were for cross-artform or interdisciplinary, and collaborative projects that included residency programs, mentorships, exchange programs, forums, exhibitions and publications.  Artist’s run initiatives could apply for grants of $20,000 and those from Victoria for $25,000 thanks to additional funding committed under the visual arts and craft strategy. The new guidelines state clearly that funding can be sought for specific projects rather than a full year’s programme.

While all applications were assessed according to the published assessment criteria the board stressed quality and innovation.

Because it is project based the board is keen to ensure that appropriate artist’s fees are paid and in further rounds will require applicants to detail how they have determined the fees they will be paying.

The focus of the grant round is to fund ‘young and emerging artists’ and board members encouraged applicants to note the Australia Council’s definition of young and emerging artists in the grant guidelines to ensure they were eligible.

High quality support material must be submitted to support applications and applicants should think carefully about which format is most appropriate, though images documenting opening nights and other crowd shots are discouraged. Applicants should find a clear relationship between the project they are proposing and their support material. If in doubt applicants should consult VAB staff.    

I would like to thank the members of the visual arts board –Janet Laurence, Steven Alderton, Michael Zavros, Dennis Del Favero, Richard Whiteley, Lyndal Jones and Robin Best for their diligence and professionalism. With a range of professional expertise across many fields their assessments represented a remarkable example of consistency and objectivity in decision-making.

On their behalf I would also like to thank the staff of the VAB for their extraordinary efforts in ensuring that the visual material was processed and formatted appropriately to enable board members to efficiently manage the very difficult assessment task. It was another outstanding effort.

Professor Ted Snell
Chair visual arts board

Successful Applicants

Bus Gallery Inc VIC $25,000
Implement a series of professional development projects for 2009

Electrofringe Ltd NSW $20,000
Present 2009 Electrofringe Festival

Firstdraft Gallery NSW $20,000
Develop and refocus 2009 Emerging Artists Studio Program

Gaffa Gallery NSW $20,000
Present series of projects including exhibitions, a publication and provide workshop and studio spaces

Half Dozen Ltd NSW $20,000

Collaborate with Ngarluma Yindijibarndi Cultural Centre on a professional development project
Inflight Inc TAS $10,283.00
Present exhibitions and associated projects

Locksmith Project Space NSW $20,000
Publish three issues of 'Locksmith Project', featuring the research, ideas and projects of artists
Serial Space NSW $19,996
Conduct a residency program and workshop, and present exhibitions

Six_a Inc TAS $13,520
Present three part sound/music project and ARI exchange exhibition, and to produce a zine publication

Sticky Institute Inc VIC $25,000
Present 3 program streams focusing on promotion, production and debate, for zine and print artists
Un Magazine VIC $25,000
Publish 'un Magazine' 3.1 and present 'SubText: A Critical Focus on Artists' Writing'
Watch This Space Inc NT $6,000
Present 'enSight into Alice', an art in public spaces Project

West Space VIC $25,000
Present application-based program and three other professional development projects

Successful Grants this Round: 13
Amount Approved:       $249,799.00

Board members present

Ted Snell (chair), Steven Alderton, Robin Best, Dennis Del Favero, Lyndal Jones, Janet Laurence, Richard Whiteley and Michael Zavros.

Australia Council staff

Kon Gouriotis, Kate Major, Romany Petersen, Jane Gillespie, Aaron De Souza, Vanessa Lloyd and Carmen Baker.


Statistical summary


Artist run initiatives (OYEA)
$739, 043


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