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Behind the scenes of running a record label, with Elefant Traks' Tim Levinson

09 December 2016

The sleepy-eyed look might suggest otherwise but Tim Levinson has no time to dawdle, no time to travel, no time to...

2016 Has Been A Massive Year For Aussie Female Artists

07 December 2016

2016 Has Been A Massive Year For Aussie Female Artists 50 SHARES ShareTweet With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s the time we...

The debut author's journey

07 December 2016

The journey to being published is different for everyone. Some writers already have a publisher lined up when they start writing, but most...

Slingsby co-founder Jodi Glass to take over from Rob Brookman as State Theatre Company boss

06 December 2016

INCREASED touring opportunities for State Theatre Company productions are high on the list of priorities for its...

Pitching a professional development proposal | ArtsHub Australia

06 December 2016

After tertiary study, a fellowship offers a valuable opportunity to move up the career ladder but you need to show you have what it takes.

40 Years of Contemporary Tapestry reveals hearts and minds at service of the medium

06 December 2016

CRAFT 40 YEARS OF CONTEMPORARY TAPESTRY Australian Tapestry Workshop, South Melbourne Until February 10 This...

‘New approach’ to arts: advance policy without fear

05 December 2016

A new independent arts advocacy body to be supported by three philanthropic foundations will advance and critique...

Start your arts career by being super smart | ArtsHub Australia

04 December 2016

For students about to graduate from art or drama school into professional life, the time to think about superannuation is now.

Lismore artist triples online sales, impresses Google

04 December 2016

ROADKILL and art may sound like a horror film concept but for Lismore artist Penny Evans it's just another day in...

Ballarat dancer Callum Linnane claims Telstra Ballet Dancer Award

04 December 2016

Ballarat ballet dancer Callum Linnane has received the highest honour of his career after taking out the Telstra...

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