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Tony Grybowski - Launch of Strategic Plan and Grants Model

21 August 2014

Our strategic plan is about recognising the enormous potential of Australia as a culturally ambitious nation and doing our part to help realise that potential.

Rupert Myer - Launch of Strategic Plan and Grants Model

19 August 2014

The launch of the Australia Council's Five Year strategy reflects a desire to make more visible the vitality of our arts and culture, and to recognise the evolving way that Australians make and experience art, from galleries, theatres and studios to dry river beds, beaches and virtual spaces.

Exposing Australia’s love affair with the arts

15 July 2014

What's a typical Australian? More than half of us have a parent who wasn't born here. Most of us live in a city large even by global standards.

Museo Carlo Billotti

09 July 2014

Are we practicing respect?

04 December 2013

Opinion: Cultural leadership in the theatre

30 March 2011

...Perhaps this commercialised image is what makes 'leadership' such a dirty word to many artists...

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