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The Australia Council for the Arts has a strong history in providing professional development opportunities to Australian arts leaders and organisations. Between 2010 and 2014, the Australia Council invested over AUD$16.5 million in programs to increase long-term resilience and sustainability of the arts. These programs included various formats ranging from mentorship programs to immersive residentials, conferences/summits/forums to showcases and online resources.

Over the years Australia Council programs such as the Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP) have made a positive impact on the sector and individual careers. As with many capacity building investments, the full extent of the impact of these programs will be realised over the long term.

The Australia Council is now working in a different funding environment and has reinforced commitment to supporting the sustainability and capacity of the sector. To ensure our investment is focused, a new strategic approach has been adopted to deliver leadership development.

In 2015, the Australia Council completed detailed needs analysis by consulting with various arts leaders including alumni from existing programs. These arts leaders identified the need for a bespoke program to develop their leadership capabilities. We are continuing from an existing base of capacity building programs and will draw on the expertise as well as address the needs of past alumni in future program developments.

Program design

Participants of the program will have access to a wide variety of internal subject experts with deep sector knowledge and expertise. We will engage with our colleagues across Council including our executive, Board and senior staff.

We consult with sector experts to curate activities, review content and test the overall design. These sector experts are key industry leaders who have the appropriate skills, expertise and networks to advise the Australia Council in this capacity.

Contact us

For more information about the Leadership Program please contact us on:

02 9215 9036 leadershipprogram@australiacouncil.gov.au

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