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Arts RiPPA (Arts Research in Progress and Planned Across Australia) is an arts and cultural policy research digest that profiles the range of current, planned and completed research activity in Australia.

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Tax Reform Project

Undertake a study of taxation regimes to strengthen the sustainability of the Australian arts sector...

08 Jul 2014

Writers communities of practice: a conceptual framework to support creative writing learning in universities and creative writing arts policies.

This project develops a robust communities-of-practice framework, which will support and maintain creative writing skills and knowledge development in universities, writing organisations and arts agencies. The project will develop an innovative...

08 Jul 2014

Optimiser: Online Marketing Benchmarking for the NZ Cultural Sector

Optimiser is a pilot project that will collect online marketing data for the arts sector and develop benchmarks. This will allow arts marketers to compare their results against other New Zealand...

08 Jul 2014

Tracking changes in corporate sponsorship and private donations 2008

Contains 2002-2006 data which shows slowing in corporate sponsorship growth and major gains in corporate philanthropy. Includes new material on costs of philanthropic fund raising....

08 Jul 2014

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DArt Topics in Arts Policy, No. 27 Major Performing Arts Organisations: A Review of the Issues for Funding Agencies

“The six-point arts and education agdena is good and is needed in our state. However, I feel strongly that the state should present this agdena in a supportive manner to the schools, which respectfully guides schools and communities toward recognizing and valuing the arts that exist in their state and local communities. The agdena should not be presented in a from-the-top mandate.”

Rohtash on 12 Sep 2012

National survey of feature film and TV drama production

“Hi I am student at the tafe north sydney film and tv school and I need to get the last national survey information about the number of films and commercial shoot in NSW and the money regenerated from that . I have to prepare a business plan as location manager for AD, FEATURES, DOCUMENTARY and need more source of informations Can u please help me ?”

sandrine on 11 Sep 2012