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Australia Council research

The Australia Council conducts research and shares its knowledge to assist the sector in decision making and advocacy. Our research is practical and provides a critical evidence base for planning.

We conduct research to inform an engaged sector and vibrant future for the arts to:

• increase Australians’ access to and awareness of the arts.
• improve the sustainability of Australian arts practice.
• support creative innovation to ensure the vibrancy and relevance of Australian arts in the 21st century.
• develop and increase markets and creative collaborations for Australian artists.
• increase support and resources available to artists.
• improve efficiencies, responsiveness and accountability across the Australia Council and funded organisations.

The way that we work is to:

• identify gaps in knowledge and develop research opportunities
• undertake major research and analysis projects
• develop productive relationships with key government, arts sector and research stakeholders in Australia and internationally.
• demonstrate the practical application of research findings in planning and decision making

The Research and Strategic Analysis team undertakes research that places the Australia Council at the forefront of knowledge about the arts. The production and communication of research relevant to understanding the economic, social and cultural impact of the arts puts the Australian arts sector in a position of influence.

Meet the Research & Strategic Analysis team

We are a team of research and knowledge professionals committed to the arts.


Research projects

The Research and Strategic Analysis team conducts research into issues of importance, and key opportunities for the Australian arts sector. 

All research projects have clear outcomes that are communicated to the sector with practical applications.

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Research partnerships

The Australia Council has extensive networks in the Australian and international research community. This is particularly strong in partnerships with arts and culture researchers in the academic sector. 

A manifestation of this is the Council is currently part of 12 ARC funded multi-year 'Linkage Projects' with tertiary education institutions.

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Other research partnerships have included:



Bridget Jones
Director, Research and Strategic Analysis


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