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Arts And Cultural Attendance And Participation: Local Region Rates

Arts And Cultural Attendance And Participation: Local Region Rates

16 January 2017

From dancing in Darwin to art gallery attendance on the Gold Coast to creative writing in Parramatta, this interactive tool presents the proportions of people in local communities who attend and create the arts.

Showcasing Creativity: Programming and Presenting First Nations Performing Arts

Showcasing Creativity: Programming and Presenting First Nations Performing Arts

01 September 2016

Showcasing Creativity reports on the level and types of First Nations performing arts programming in Australia’s mainstream venues and festivals; the presenting of works to audiences; and the motivations and obstacles for presenters and producers. It aims to promote and inform discussion about what is needed to achieve a culturally ambitious nation that cherishes First Nations arts.

Arts Nation Technical Appendix

Arts Nation Technical Appendix

03 November 2015

The Technical Appendix is a companion document to the 2015 Arts Nation report. It provides further information about the underlying methodology, data and trends of the Arts Nation indicators and measures.

Promoting Diversity of Cultural Expression in Arts in Australia

21 October 2015

The report aims to contribute to understanding and debate of the implications of UNESCO’s 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expression, to which Australia became a signatory in 2009.

Image credit: Longin Sarnecki. Courtesy the artist and the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art Foundation.

International Arts Activity – Australian Arts Sector Report

29 September 2015

The Australia Council for the Arts has released a summary report that highlights the value of a strategic approach to international arts development and explores the existing activity and future priorities of the sector.

Building Audiences

Building Audiences: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts

20 August 2015

This research is designed to help build audience development strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait arts.

Arts Nation: An Overview of Australian Arts

Arts Nation: An Overview of Australian arts

04 March 2015

Arts Nation: An Overview of Australian Arts is a new report which provides evidence as a catalyst for informed discussion about arts and culture in Australia.

Arts Participation research – state and territory findings

16 December 2014

Building on the national Arts Participation research, this release focuses on findings for Australian states and territories. We explore changes over time for each state, and also compare each state to Australia as a whole.

Art Facts

07 July 2014

Art Facts is the new home for statistics about Australian arts. Here you will find a range of facts about Australia’s vibrant arts sectors and the latest trends in art creation, industry, global trade, participation and support.

Arts Participation research

30 May 2014

New Australia Council research shows 95 per cent of Australians have engaged with the arts in the past 12 months.

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