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Review of theatre and performance in the Northern Territory

Aug 2008

Assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the Northern Territory’s theatre sector, with linkages to the broader performing arts where appropriate, in order to identify gaps, opportunities and needs,...

Don't panic: the impact of digital technology on the major performing arts industry

Jun 2008

The continuing advances in digital technology will affect the major performing arts (MPA) industry and force it to change its ways of doing business. On the whole, the...

Anticipating change in the major performing arts sector

Jul 2008

Identifies, analyses and tracks external factors that may impact on Australia’s Major Performing Arts industry dynamics over the next 20 years....

Indigenous arts infrastructure project

Dec 2009

Development of a national database of key organisations that provide infrastructure support to Indigenous arts in Australia. The project has established cooperative partnership arrangements with all State and...

The other side of the coin

Aug 2008

A code of conduct is a set of standards that members of a particular profession or industry agree to follow in their work in order to set a...

Song cycles

Dec 2009

An exploration of Indigenous music in the contemporary musical landscape. It is an analysis of the impediments facing aspiring and professional, practising Indigenous music artists. This report is...

The digital delivery of music: business plans and methodologies for the digital delivery of music

Dec 2007

A report reviewing the ways in which the online digital delivery of music may be utilised by clients of the Music Board of the Australia Council, and by...

60Sox - developing a creative ecology as a community of practice: the pathway from training in the digital content industries

Jan 2009

60Sox is an Australian Research Council Linkage Project being led by the Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology. Arts Queensland and the Department of Premier and Cabinet...

A practice in faith: creativity, professional practice and value in community-based arts

Sep 2010

Community-based arts are viewed from outside the field as low status and low value form of arts practice, but from a community-based arts practitioner’s perspective, there is strong...

ArtStories: participatory research in Northern Territory school communities 2006-2008

Dec 2008

ArtStories is a three year externally funded educational research project in the School of Education, Charles Darwin University, 2006-08. ArtStories is conducted in five urban, rural and remote...

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