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Audience impact survey - measuring artistic vibrancy

Organisation Australia Council for the Arts
Contact Tandi Williams
Position Research Analyst
Other organisations or people involved Alan Brown, WolfBrown Kevin Du Preez, Project Manager, Australia Council Tim Roberts, ARTS Australia State Theatre Company of South Australia (STCSA) Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO)
Objectives To develop a tool to enable arts organisations to measure the intrinsic impacts of a live performance on their audience.
Research questions • To what extent are audiences impacted by a performance in terms of: - Captivation - Intellectual stimulation - Emotional resonance - Aesthetic growth - Social bonding • How does an audience’s ‘readiness to receive’ influence intrinsic impact? • How to post-performance behaviours influence intrinsic impact? • What are the relationships between other audience characteristics and intrinsic impact? • How can arts organisations use the above information to reflect on their artistic vibrancy?
Methodology • Initiation of partnerships with two pilot organisations: - State Theatre Company of South Australia (STCSA) - Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO) • Development of questionnaires for classical music and one for theatre, based on Alan Brown’s study ‘Assessing the Intrinsic Impacts of a Live Performance – Commissioned by 14 major University Presenters in the US’ • Adaption of the survey protocols for the Australian context – including 2 x workshops with the two pilot organiastions (STCSA and TSO). • 2 x focus groups to test the questionnaires with members of the audience • Administration of survey at: - 7 TSO concerts - 11 STCSA performances of 2 productions Both online and paper formats were piloted • Analysis of results – including quantitative and qualitative data • Workshop of results with TSO and STCSA, brainstorming different uses of the information • Refinement of survey protocols on the basis of statistical analysis • Development of guidelines for use of the tool by other organisations in future.
Status In progress
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Project start date Apr 2010
Project completion date Jun 2011
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