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Australian participation in the arts

Organisation Australia Council for the Arts
Contact Bridget Jones
Position Research Manager
Other organisations or people involved David Donnelly of the market research company Instinct and Reason.
Objectives To get a detailed picture of how Australians engage with the arts.
Research questions To understand how different types of people engage with the arts.

To identify the factors in determining arts attendance and participation, as well as non attendance and non participation.

To better understand the relationship between attendance and participation.

To better understand the role that digital technologies are playing in the way Australians engage with the arts
Methodology Qualitative Phase:

12 focus groups with public
12 stakeholder interviews with arts marketers

Quantitative Phase:

3,000 telephone interviews of 20 minutes duration. A nationally representative sample.
Status Completed
Web Links Full report and fact sheets
Project start date Apr 2009
Project completion date Feb 2010
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