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DArt Topics in Arts Policy, No. 9, Independence of government arts funding: a review

Organisation International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA)
Contact Natasha Eves
Position Research and Project Officer
Objectives Taking a global perspective on the independence in government arts support, this report explores issues such as the ‘arm’s length principle’ and the ‘arts council versus ministry’ debate. The report explores arts policy models and frameworks through a neutral lens, presenting IFACCA’s own data on a range of factors – such as decision making rules and appointment processes – that impact on the degree of independence of arts councils from government. These data, along with a review of the key literature, are used to probe two fundamental questions: how much influence do governments have over arts funding, and how much influence should they have?
Status Completed
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Project start date Jul 2008
Project completion date Jul 2009
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