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Engaging arts audiences online

Organisation Australia Council for the Arts
Contact Tandi Williams
Position Research Analyst
Other organisations or people involved Melanie Ingrey, Research Director, Asia Pacific, Nielsen Online
Objectives How can arts organisations use the internet to increase attendance at arts events? - Building awareness - Enhancing drivers and reduce barriers to attendance - Improving the quality of audience experiences before, during and after events - Building stronger engagement between audiences and artists, event organisers and other attendees
Research questions - How are audiences for the arts using the internet in relation to attendance? o To find out about events o To research arts events o To book tickets o To plan or build excitement o At arts events o After arts events - What kind of information and/or engagement are arts audiences looking for online? - Where are they going to get what they need? - What technologies, platforms and social media sites do they use? - What do they prefer to do offline?
Methodology - Analysis of existing data and a literature review, including Nielsen Onlineís market reports, and customized analysis of Nielsen NetView panel of online consumers. - Twelve qualitative focus group discussions held in Sydney CBD, Western Sydney, Brisbane and Geelong - Online survey of 2,600 people, to quantify online behaviour - Synthesis analysis of the above to identify key opportunities for arts organisations to use the internet to increase attendance (note this phase also incorporates the findings from a parallel study of the online presence of the Australia Councilís regularly funded organisations
Status In progress
Project start date May 2010
Project completion date Jun 2011
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