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The role of arts in social change in East Timor

Organisation Deakin University
Contact Kim Dunphy
Position PhD researcher
Other organisations or people involved NGOs and various arts organisations in East Timor.
Objectives This project investigates the contribution of community- based arts programs to social change in Timor-Leste (East Timor). It examines arts initiatives that have a self-identified social change agenda, to develop an understanding of their working processes, their theories of change, as well as impacts of the activities on participants, project leaders and host communities. Case studies include projects led by international and national NGOs, individuals and arts organisations.
Research questions -What does the organisation or individual do? artforms, participants (numbers, ages, gender, participation level), location, activities, funders, goals (stated or implicit).

-What are the ‘theories of change’ (either implicit or explicit) about the work of these individuals and organisations: ie. how do project organisers and leaders, conceptualise the changes they seek, and how are their arts programs devised to meet those changes?

-How are the impacts of that work considered: what evaluation strategies, if any, are employed to measure the outcomes of the work and how effectively do these capture its quality, impacts and outcomes?

-What are the outcomes of the initiatives; from the perspective of various levels of stakeholders; funders, hosts, organisers, leaders, participants, communities?
Methodology Case study approach; in-depth interviews, focus groups and participant observation.
Status In progress
Project start date Mar 2009
Project completion date Mar 2012
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