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Visual Arts and Craft Strategy evaluation report

Organisation Australia Council for the Arts
Contact Kon Gouriotis
Position Director, Visual Arts Board
Objectives The Evaluation Report was prepared for the Visual Arts Board (VAB) of the Australia Council for the Arts. The Visual Arts Board is the principal administrator of the Australia Councilís visual arts funding. It is the Councilís main source of advice on the development of visual arts policy and grants programs including the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy (VACS). VACS has supported visual arts and crafts through increased funding to the sector since 2004. It is an agreement between federal, state and territory governments, and the Australia Council for the Arts.

The Visual Arts Board has played a major role in implementing VACS including managing the VACS grants to individual artists. The Arts Organisations section has managed funding of the 34 VACS visual arts organisations, in partnership with state and territory agencies.

The VAB commissioned the evaluation to provide evidence of how the VACS program has achieved the Cultural Ministers Council (CMC) agreed aims and to present the VAB with recommendations on future priority areas for the sector. The evaluation is not intended to be a review of the sector.

The evaluation and data that was gathered will inform DEWHA, the Australia Council, and state and territory arts agencies on the impact and outcomes of VACS.
Methodology The overall methodology for the Evaluation was informed by the aims of VACS as agreed by the CMC. A sector survey was undertaken by Deborah Mills & Associates from October 2009 to February 2010. Information was collected from 2001 to provide a comparison to the period of the VACS that started in 2004.
Status The final report was released in August 2010.
Web Links Final report
Project start date Oct 2009
Project completion date Aug 2010
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