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Love your work: training, retaining and connecting artists in theatre

Nov 2008

Qualitative and quantitative research into the state of creative workforce succession in the Australian theatre industry and the level of connections between small-to-medium and large theatre companies and...

Economic analysis of literary publishing

Sep 2008

An economic analysis of literary publishing in 2006. The report will analyse the nature and structure of Australian literary publishing; operations of the sector; genres of work published;...

Mapping literature infrastructure in Australia

Aug 2008

This research aims to map Australia’s literary sector and survey organisational activities to determine how well they serve the board objectives of the Australia Council’s Literature Board....

Review of theatre and performance in the Northern Territory

Aug 2008

Assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the Northern Territory’s theatre sector, with linkages to the broader performing arts where appropriate, in order to identify gaps, opportunities and needs,...

60Sox - developing a creative ecology as a community of practice: the pathway from training in the digital content industries

Jan 2009

60Sox is an Australian Research Council Linkage Project being led by the Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology. Arts Queensland and the Department of Premier and Cabinet...

ArtStories: participatory research in Northern Territory school communities 2006-2008

Dec 2008

ArtStories is a three year externally funded educational research project in the School of Education, Charles Darwin University, 2006-08. ArtStories is conducted in five urban, rural and remote...

2006 and 2007 LPA ticket and attendance revenue survey

Jul 2008

This will be the third edition of the LPA Ticket Attendance and Revenue Survey which has published data since 2004. The Survey collects transaction based data from ticketing...

2008 Arts research monitor

Aug 2008

Since 2001 the Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA) has conducted an annual telephone survey to monitor key elements and indicators of arts and culture in Western...

Arts and cultural heritage: an information development plan

Mar 2008

After intensive consultation with government arts agencies, peak bodies, community arts networks, city councils, regional bodies and researchers across Australia, on the 14th March 2008 the ABS published...

Arts and disability action strategy

Dec 2008

The ADAS will provide an overall picture of the creative and artistic needs and interests of people with disabilities in NSW. It will identify gaps in services and...

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