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[IMI] ~ Interactive Media Innovation ~

May 2013

The fundamental crux of the project is to examine the role creative innovation plays in the context of interactive media entertainment and to explore how successful companies in...

Don't panic: the impact of digital technology on the major performing arts industry

Jun 2008

The continuing advances in digital technology will affect the major performing arts (MPA) industry and force it to change its ways of doing business. On the whole, the...

The digital delivery of music: business plans and methodologies for the digital delivery of music

Dec 2007

A report reviewing the ways in which the online digital delivery of music may be utilised by clients of the Music Board of the Australia Council, and by...

60Sox - developing a creative ecology as a community of practice: the pathway from training in the digital content industries

Jan 2009

60Sox is an Australian Research Council Linkage Project being led by the Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology. Arts Queensland and the Department of Premier and Cabinet...

Audiovisual production in Australia

Feb 2008

Audiovisual production in Australia is the second in a series of publications that feature key data from Get the Picture. Designed to complement the detailed data available online,...

Australia's audiovisual markets

Sep 2008

Australia's audiovisual markets is one of a series of print publications that feature key data from Get the Picture online. Designed to complement the detailed data available online,...

Australian storytelling in the digital age: the impact of Web 2.0 and the digital distribution on professional screen production

Dec 2009

This research has a three-fold aim to: identify how young people are using digital media in their everyday lives to access screen content; determine whether the current success...

Digital Arts @ Griffith

Jan 2006

Digital Arts @ Griffith is an ongoing Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre project that includes film-makers, musicians, photographers, designers, cyber-artists and other academics who may be considered ‘digital natives’....

Documentary production in Australia - a collection of key data

Jan 2006

Documentary production in Australia: a collection of key data was first produced in 2003 in response to a request from the documentary sector. It pulls together information from...

Film agency funding in Australia

Jan 2006

The Film agency funding in Australia survey analyses government assistance to the Australian film industry through federal and state agencies, providing a comprehensive historical overview of funding....

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