Indigenous arts

How to prepare a manuscript for consideration by a publisher

19 August 2003

Guidelines on how to prepare a manuscript for consideration by a publisher.

How to market Indigenous arts

28 January 2003

Guidelines on how to market and publicise your art.

Marketing of Aboriginal art from remote area communities

01 January 2002

Paper by Jacky Healey presented to The New Wave: Entrepreneurship & the Arts symposium, Melbourne, 2002. Many Aboriginal communities continue to support art centres as their primary tool for marketing their art because they are able to maintain control.

To tell my story: a study of practising professional Indigenous writers of Australia

01 December 2000

Looks at the characteristics of the Indigenous writers and their writing, their motivation and their self-definition as professionals. It discusses the issues surrounding the Australia Council, publishing, intellectual property and access to grants.

Australia's Indigenous arts

01 May 2000

Introduces some of the many significant Indigenous artists working in Australia.

Open up! Guidelines for cultural diversity visitor studies

01 January 1996

A result of research into the views, motivations and experiences of museums by people from non-English speaking and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

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