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Archives in the digital era

13 October 2012

Many arts organisations are looking at how to archive their artworks and content for the future. This resource gives an overview of the key issues and steps in digital archiving.

Its a given: Tracking the importance of private giving and sponsorship to key organisations

08 November 2011

This report tracks and analyses private sector income of Australia Council funded key organisations for the years 2008 to 2010.

Funding of film and video

17 December 2008

Overseas investors contributed $103 million to 11 films, accounting for 47 per cent of total funding for Australian and co-production feature films in 2007–08.

Employment in film and video

17 December 2008

The five-yearly Census of Population and Housing collects information relating to the occupation and industry of each person’s main job, meaning the job in which a person usually works the most hours.

New media scoping study report

06 October 2006

Sets a future for media arts at the Australia Council that sees it integrated across the funding programs of the organisation and more broadly through the production and presentation infrastructure in the arts sector in Australia.

In repertoire: a guide to Australian new media art

01 August 2003

A vital introduction to new media art practice in Australia. Illustrated throughout with examples of work, In repertoire contains essays on the development of digital art and hybrid art practice in Australia, and the funding, exhibition and educational resources that support practice.

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