Music royalties in cyber space

11 March 2008

This snappy piece gives a straight forward snapshot of the many facets relating to music royalties.

Music: protocols for producing Indigenous Australian music

28 February 2008

The Australia Council for the Arts fully revised second edition of its Music protocol guide, designed to help Australians better understand the use of Indigenous cultural material.

Additional funding for small to medium performing arts organisations

05 November 2007

A report providing an overview of the first year of the Australian Government funding increase for small to medium performing arts companies.

Guidelines for music composition rates

01 March 2007

Rates payable to composers as suggested by the music board of the Australia Council.

Music streaming: sonic shoplifitng versus download dollars

25 April 2006

Veteran Australian music industry analyst and publisher, Phil Tripp puts music streaming into its historical context, takes a keen eye to the future and shares his tips for dodging the digital landmines in the new battlefield of rights and revenue.

Australia Council for the Arts submission to the National Review of School Music Education

27 April 2005

The Australia Council for the Arts submitted a paper to the National Review of School Music Education. The review directly relates to the work the Australia Council for the Arts is currently undertaking in education and the arts.

Review and evaluation of the Australian Performing Arts Market 1994-2002: summary and response

01 January 2004

The Australia Council for the Arts' Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) is the major showcase of Australian contemporary performing arts to international and national presenters and producers.

Mark Isaacs - composer / pianist

13 November 2003

Pianist and composer Mark Isaacs incorporates electronic marketing, public relations and poster/flier publishing and distribution into his marketing mix - see how this independent musician markets his work.

Vanishing acts: an inquiry into the state of live popular music opportunities in New South Wales

01 July 2002

A report on the live music sector in New South Wales.

Report to ministers on an examination of the small to medium performing arts sector

01 March 2002

In 2002 the Cultural Ministers Council (CMC) released a report which examined the factors influencing the artistic and financial viability of Australia's small-to-medium sized arts organisations.

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