Music theatre consultancy

The Music and Theatre Boards have jointly invested in a three-year initiative to stimulate the creation and development of engaging music theatre works in Australia.

In the first year of this initiative the Boards offered a one off quick response grant round. Through this, nine projects at various stages of development were supported. The full results can be viewed here.

A report was also commissioned to identify potential models for delivery of this initiative in years two and three. Justin Macdonnell of Anzarts Institute has prepared this report for the Music and Theatre boards following extensive consultation with key stakeholders.

The report surveys current practice and makes a number of recommendations, including that a range of partnerships be established with a small number of providers across the music theatre spectrum to deliver creative development services to individual artists and creative teams.

A summary of the report is attached.

The Music and Theatre Boards are now considering the specific partnership recommendations and expect to provide a further update on progress in early 2010. 

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