Big story country: great arts stories from regional Australia

Right across Australia, there are thousands of arts stories being created every year.  Big story country is a selection of 35 of these stories, told in their own words by the artists.

These are inspiring tales about the artists' works - how they come about and what they mean to the individuals and communities who create them. They are stories about place, community and creativity.

This is the third publication of great arts stories from rural, regional and remote Australia.  Since the first book of stories, The Great Yarn Event in 1998, recognition of the importance of arts in country Australia has grown greatly, as has the number of people who now get involved and have a go.  Research shows a clear link between an active arts scene and healthy regional communities.  The economic impact of the arts is also better known, as is the potential of the arts to attract and retain workers in regional and remote towns.

Big story country is published by Regional Arts Australia in partnership with the Australia Council for the Arts.  Big story country is available to download or order in print copy from the Regional Arts Australia website.

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