Artists' age and location

30 July 2008

The Australia Council artists survey, Don't give up your day job, collected information relating to practising professional artists in Australia.

Practising professional artists

30 July 2008

According to the artists survey, Don't give up your day job, there are 40,000–50,000 practising professional artists in Australia.

Touring theatre for young people under 12 years of age

01 October 2005

A report on national and international touring opportunities for theatre for young people.

Resourcing dance: an analysis of the subsidised dance sector

01 February 2004

A report on the subsidised dance sector in Australia.

Heartwork: great arts stories from regional Australia

01 January 2004

Profiles and celebrates the huge range of artistic activity occurring beyond Australia's metropolitan centres, providing inspiration and models for creators in regional and remote communities.

Marketing for the Independent Artist Forum

01 January 2004

A summary of postings to the Marketing for the Independent Artist email discussion FORUM with Guest Specialists; Donna Walker-Kuhne, Melanie Doheny and Marshall Cullen. Covers: Media, Promotional Materials, Grants, Openings, Craft, Bands, Pricing, Writing, Competitions and Websites.

Copywriting makeover: Antone Bruinsma, sculptor

01 January 2004

This case study documents the extreme copywriting makeover of sculptor Antone Bruinsma by Ross Gibson. Offers en excellent 'before and after' insight into the process of reworking an artist's statement.

Nicole Lister - ceramicist

13 November 2003

Mark Isaacs - composer / pianist

13 November 2003

Pianist and composer Mark Isaacs incorporates electronic marketing, public relations and poster/flier publishing and distribution into his marketing mix - see how this independent musician markets his work.

Melinda Rackham - internet artist

13 November 2003

New media artist Melinda Rackham has achieved international notoriety for her work through extensive online networking and careful selection of where she chooses to exhibit.

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