Electronic Music Conference, 1-2 December 2015, Sydney

EMC 2014

EMC 2014, Image credit: Amy Marnie

The Electronic Music Conference (EMC) was founded in 2012. The event is held annually in Sydney and is the premier electronic music industry event in the region. Over two days, the event features talks, networking, masterclasses, showcases, and more. The Australia Council is partnering with Sound Alliance on an international visitors program at the Electronic Music Conference in December 2015. Ten international buyers will be invited to attend the event.

The incoming visitors program will provide a platform for Australian artists and managers to connect to international buyers that will lead to further opportunities, such as synchronization licences, international touring and showcase performances, festival bookings or agency, publishing and recording agreements. This program will increase understanding of international markets and trends by the Australian electronic music sector and increase awareness of the Australian electronic music sector in international markets.

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