Location: Helsinki, Finland

Artform: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts, Community Arts and Cultural Development, Dance, Emerging and Experimental Arts, Literature, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts

Length of residency: 3 months

Dates: 3 September – 30 November 2018; 4 March – 30 May 2019; 3 June – 29 August 2019

Grant amount: $10,000

Website: www.hiap.fi

Applications for this residency is now closed

About HIAP

Founded in 1998, Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP) is the largest international residency centre in the Nordic and Baltic region. Every year up to 90 arts professionals from around the world are offered a working period of one to three months in the HIAP residency studios in Helsinki. The studios are located on Suomenlinna Island, a World Heritage site, and in the Cable Factory cultural complex in central Helsinki. 

Residency opportunity

HIAP focuses primarily on visual arts, and is open to artists and curators from various disciplines. Collaborating with local and international partner organisations, residencies extend to such creative fields as dance, theatre, literature, and music. The activities are organised predominantly through thematic residency programs that highlight a particular geographical area or concentrate on a specific contemporary topic or an aspect of artistic practice.

The objectives of the HIAP residency program are to:

  • Initiate and support new approaches in producing, understanding, studying and valuing art;
  • Encourage artistic exploration and cross-disciplinary creativity;
  • Provide international arts professionals with opportunities to undertake creative work, conduct research, build networks, and carry out special art projects in the Helsinki metropolitan area;
  • Present the creative work of international artists to audiences in the Helsinki metropolitan area; and
  • Foster international collaboration, exchange, and dialogue in the arts.

While working on their projects during the residency, artists have access to HIAP administrative support and contacts with local arts professionals and organisations. The public events organised for and by the artists in residence include group and solo exhibitions, screenings, presentations, lectures, workshops, discussions, concerts, Open Studios and other special events. Most of these take place in the HIAP Gallery Augusta or HIAP Project Space on Suomenlinna.

Accommodation and workspace

The studio is located on Suomenlinna Island in the Palmstierna complex, a two-storey, red brick barrack. Originally from the 18th century, the barrack has been renovated to meet contemporary needs. The complex is comprised of nine residential units, five artists’ studios and four guest rooms.

The studio is 80 sqm, furnished, and divided into a working space downstairs and a separate living space with private bathroom and kitchenette. The studio has a broadband internet connection and is suitable for a single artist or couple. Children are allowed, although no more than two small children would be reasonable considering the size of the studio. 

Access and Inclusion

The HIAP studio is not wheelchair accessible. Additional access requirements during a residency may be accommodated upon request. Please contact Amber McCulloch, Project Officer Residencies, on 02 9215 9336 or a.mcculloch@australiacouncil.gov.au to discuss your specific needs.



  • Laith McGregor
  • Tessa Zettel
  • Natalie Abbott
  • Matt Shilcock


  • Mark Hislop
  • Rebecca Baumann
  • Polly Stanton
  • Willoh S. Weiland
  • Ross Manning
  • David Chisholm

Hiap Residency Helsinki, Finland

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