Professional Arts Placements, China – Shanghai International Dance Centre

In 2017 Australia Council is offering professional arts placement opportunities for arts managers, in partnership with dedicated performing arts organisations in China. These placements are intended as opportunities to build international expertise, inter-cultural capability, and international festival experience, foster industry relationships, and develop an understanding of the Chinese arts market.

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) are now open for arts managers, producers, and production managers to apply for a Professional Arts Placement at the Shanghai International Dance Centre from 1 Sept – 31 Nov 2017.

Chinese speakers are encouraged to apply. 

Shanghai International Dance Centre (SIDC)

Expressions of interest have now closed

Location: Shanghai, China

Role: Arts Management

Length of placement:  3 months

Dates: 1 Sept – 31 Nov 2017

Grant amount: $12,000

Notification: Mid-June 2017

The monumental Shanghai International Dance Centre is a multifunctional venue that focuses on dance performance in China. In addition to having a 1,079-seat grand theatre and a 291-seat experimental theatre, the venue is Asia’s first professional dance centre. It is the home of the Shanghai Ballet and the Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble, as well as the Shanghai Dance School.

The Centre, located on Hongqiao Road in Changning District - one of the 8 central areas of Shanghai, is a dedicated venue that brings Shanghai’s four major dance companies together under the same roof. SIDC also hosts local and international artists and companies, as well as providing development opportunities for dance artists under the guidance of renowned choreographers and teachers.   

The successful applicant will be taking on an arts management role under the mentorship or SIDC’s General Manager, Karin Zhang. They will work for three months on site in Shanghai, as a key member of the project team, taking on roles and responsibilities that include: 

  • Acting as artist liaison for international companies presenting work at the SIDC
  • Project coordination, reporting to SIDC’s project team
  • Assisting the production and technical management teams with bump ins and bump outs of various productions, and various other tasks as needed

Desirable criteria for the role includes:

  • Experience in production management, particularly in a performing arts venue; 
  • A background or strong interest in dance
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Experience working and/or living in China;
  • Chinese language skills, which are desirable, but not critical, as the arts manager will be working predominately in English.

Please check the general eligibility requirements on the Australia Council website.

Selection Criteria
You are required to respond to the following selection criteria: 

Impact on career

Industry advisers will consider the impact the proposed activity will have on your career.

They may consider:

  • How the proposed activity strengthens your professional practice
  • The relevance and timeliness of the proposed activity
  • How the proposed  activity enables you to discover and develop new markets, or meet existing market demand
  • How the proposed activity strengthens your capacity as an arts professional.

Ability to learn in a group and collectively work on solving problems and facilitating the creation, presentation, and production of work; the individual will have demonstrated willingness to share their own knowledge and skills with the group.

Market readiness
Industry advisers will consider the market readiness of the individual.

They may consider:

  • How being at this event will consolidate and increase your target contacts and partnerships; and
  • How you define the potential of your work at this international event.

Supporting material
Additional material can be submitted to help support your expression of interest, including a CV and letters of support. Support material may help industry advisers gain an understanding of the quality of your work, and where relevant, the skills and role of other artists or partners involved.

You are not required to submit a budget with your Expression of Interest. 

Selection process
Industry advisers will consider Expressions of Interest according to the selection criteria above and make recommendations to the Australia Council’s International Projects Team.

You will be informed of the outcome of your expressions of interest by mid June 2017.

How to submit an Expression of Interest
Click on the ‘Submit an EOI’ button at the bottom of this page. Expressions of interest must be submitted via the Australia Council’s online system. To apply in the online system, please click on ‘Grants & Grant Reporting’ and choose ‘Expressions of Interest (EOI)’.

Note, this is an expression of interest and not a grant application. It does not count as an application to the Australia Council Grants Program. 

To discuss your expression of interest, please contact Ellen Dwyer, Project Officer - International Projects, on 02 9215 9051 or

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